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It is without a doubt that every movie goer, whether a worried adult/guardian or curious 8-year old or a teenager, has wondered how the Movie Rating system works or is applied to movies and what is the significance and the meaning of setting movies into categories of viewership. Who assignsContinue Reading

Blockbuster movies get released every year. And to be quite honest, it’s one of those things that we movie fanatics look forward to. Admittedly, the year 2016 was one of those years that shook the world of movies. Disney and Walt Disney released a ton of movies that were nothingContinue Reading

When the term “TV ratings” is mentioned in the US, most people immediately think of “Nielsen,” since the Nielsen Media Research is the standard national measurement service for the television and it does the duty of rating the industry in the North American Continent. Nielson does this by measuring theContinue Reading

At first glance, the movie industry may look glamorous with celebrities and film producers gliding down red carpets, clutching their awards and vacationing in an exotic place, just because they can. Indeed, as there is a lot of money mined from the film industry, the economics of movie making areContinue Reading