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Is the world ready for another Fantastic Four movie?

Here’s how it goes. Back in the 80’s, Marvel was hard up for cash so somebody had the bright idea to sell the movie rights to some of the popular characters. Constantin Studio brought the rights in 1992 and made a very low budget version of Fantastic Four in 1994 but was never released. They did press and appearances with the actors who thought the movie would be released but the studio had no intention of doing so. It was a ruse to maintain the rights. Then in 2004, 20th Century Fox got the movie rights to the Fantastic Four and produced a movie in 2005. A sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, was soon released in 2007. After an eight-year break from the franchise, the studio decided to do a reboot of the Fantastic Four in 2015.

Let’s be clear. None of these adaptions were overall well received by fans or the industry. These movies received hard criticism from all levels. When you think about the high level of Marvel movies from Blade to The Ant Man and the Wasp, you have to see the difference in the Fantastic Four movies. Just not up to par. I personally didn’t think the 2005 movie was that bad but the Rise of the Silver Surfer when Reed was in the disco lost me. The 2015 reboot was nothing but trash and was a shadow of what the FF truly is. In 2009, Disney acquired the rights to Marvel Entertainment. In 2017, Disney acquired the rights to 20th Century Fox Film and Television. So now you see how this all comes together and how we are having this conversation now.

The Fantastic Four #1 debuted with Marvel Comics in 1961. With the success of the Justice League over in their competitor’s line up, Marvel wanted its own team book. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were put to the task. With what was called the “Marvel Method” of creating back then the story of exactly who came up with the concept is a little blurred but both men take equal credit. However, Stan Lee can take credit for adding the infamous tagline “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”. What makes the Fantastic Four different from any other team is that it is about a family.

The original team consisted of Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic, who can stretch his body part to unknown limits; Susan Storm Richards, The Invisible Woman, Reed’s wife who can bend light to create force fields and turn invisible; Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, second character to take that name, Sue Storms brother who had the ability to burst into flames and fly; and last but not least, Benjamin Grimm, The Thing, Reed’s best friend who was endowed with superhuman strength at the price of a hideous rock appearance. The original concept, which has changed over the years due to changing times and to keep things current, was that the team embarked on a scientific mission into space to gain an advantage in the cold war.

While in space the ship was bombarded with cosmic rays which transformed the team and gave them fantastic powers. They were to be portrayed as a dysfunctional yet loving family unit. A family with all the problems of a regular family, the bickering, the secrets, the loyalty, everything. As time went on, members of the team would go and return being replaced by others who would join their family. Eventually, Reed and Sue would marry and have children which would solidify the family motif. The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine was a fixture in Marvel comics representing for over 50 years.

Then in 2015 Marvel announced it was canceling the Fantastic Four comic.

Although Marvel had said that they were canceling Fantastic Four to give it a break for a while, others speculated that Marvel wasn’t pleased with what Fox was doing with the movie rights. It was believed that Marvel didn’t want to promote or be associated with what Fox was doing. Who could blame them? Especially after the 2015 fiasco. The 2015 Fantastic Four movie grossed a mere $25,000,000.00 in its first weekend and a worldwide gross of approximately $167,000,000.00. Much lower than the other films. The plot swayed away from the original concept and this FF did not have the same family feel. I personally was thrown off by Johnny and his dad being Black and Sue being adopted. Sue Storm wasn’t even part of the mission that got them the powers but received her powers as an after effect of the mission. It was a mess.

Meanwhile, in comics, the end of the Secret Wars storyline found Reed and Sue going out to explore a new multiverse with their children Franklin and Val. Ben Grimm went in space to travel with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Johnny Storm served as a liaison for the Inhumans. When Marvel revived the classic Marvel Two-In-One with the Thing, he teamed up with Johnny Storm the Human Torch. Their quest would eventually lead to bringing the band back together. August 2018, The Fantastic Four was back on the comic racks. Fans were excited because now that the movie rights were back under Marvel control through Disney there was a new call for a new movie. A movie done right. Fans know that with the winning formula Marvel has so far with its properties they could finally do a movie worthwhile. But are we really ready for another Fantastic Four movie?

Speculation is that we could see another FF movie by 2020 but I think we might need a little more time to get the taste of the last one from our mouths. With the introduction of Captain Marvel and the Skrulls in that movie in 2019, there is definitely a place for the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four origin story has already been done twice with a lackluster response from critics and fans. Including Dr Doom is too predictable.

How can this work?

For the next phase of Marvel, they should start by mentioning Latveria and a college kid genius named Reed Richards. We don’t even need to see them just know that they exist in this universe. Then, by 2020, you can have a Reed Richards show up to advise Captain Marvel, Black Panther, or Scott Lang or even tutor Peter Parker for college prep. You must do an origin story. There’s no getting around that. This time you do it the Marvel way. For your first movie reboot, you go classic: Mole Man. You introduce Victor Von Doom but you don’t do Dr. Doom until the sequel because trust me there will be a sequel. You can even wait and do Dr Doom in the third movie and do the Negative Zone in the sequel. You don’t have to rush it. The main goal should also be to build up to your next big event. Your next Infinity War. That would be Galactus coming to Earth.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe would do the Fantastic Four the way they were meant to be done: as a family of adventurers. They are not superheroes. Jack Kirby said in his version of the Fantastic Four creation that he modeled them after his DC Comics creation Challengers of the Unknown. The same basic concept just the FF have powers. The MCU would know what 20th Century Fox got wrong which is how to portray the characters. Once again, however, this is something that must be built up. You can’t just jump right into another Fantastic Four movie after the other failures, especially the last one, which is still so fresh. Best bet is to give it at least 4 or 5 years. 2022 I think we should be ready and the set up would be primed.

Are we ready for another Fantastic Four movie? In my opinion, not yet.

Give us some feedback and let us know what you think of the opinion stated on this site.

Kenny Walker Jr

Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker or Was It?

Yup, there are spoilers in this article so if you haven’t seen the movie and plan on doing so and don’t want it spoiled then stop now. Come back after you’ve seen the movie.

Let’s be clear. The main thing I was looking for in this whole final trilogy was the only thing missing in the first two episodes: The return of Lando Calrissian. I got my wish seeing Billy D Williams flying through space in the Millennium Falcon braving the odds in a daring rescue. You would think I would have been satisfied with that but that just wasn’t enough.

Rise of Skywalker has been weighed down with good reviews, bad reviews and so-so reviews. I’ve talked to quite a few people who have seen it and I’ve gotten a lot of mixed response. I’m not going to tell you this was a bad movie or a good movie. That’s for you to decide. I’m going to point out some points of this movie that either I loved, bothered me or left me with more questions. That’s where I am with Rise of Skywalker – mentally I don’t know where to put it.

I must start with the elephant in the room. What the hell was it that Finn was going to tell Rey? We are all left to wonder because that was a plot devise that never saw a resolution. The romantic in me would like to believe he was going to express feeling for her. A fan favorite theory is that he was going to tell her that he too has a little of the force in him. Sadly, we will never know since the director choose to leave that in the movie and not on the cutting room floor where I believe it belonged. Don’t try to finish a trilogy with an unanswered issue.

But let’s talk about Rey’s love life or the non-existence of one. Daisy Ridley’s Rey was never quite given a love interest. From the start I thought that Rey and Finn would make a unique couple in that she was more of the hero than he was, but he started off posing for her it seems to get her attention. From the start they had a connection where they looked out for each other and cared for the others well-being. Her relationship with Kylo Ren was somewhat different in that they shared a unique bond that neither could explain. It was never thought to be a romantic connection.

I honestly thought her secret origin would make her his sister or cousin. Turns out that she is the yin to his yang and that they are destined to join  together to sacrifice themselves as one to aid Palpatine’s rise to power. What looked totally uncomfortable to me was that dying kiss. Where the hell did that come from? I’m waiting for Finn to pledge his love for her then all the sudden she’s lip locking the guy that’s been trying to kill everybody for three movies. But let’s not forget the tension that began with Rey and Po.

This was borderline reminisce of the banter between Han and Leia. It was only borderline because let’s face it you can’t duplicate the chemistry between a Carrie Fisher Princess Leia and a Harrison Ford Han Solo. Can’t be done. Although you didn’t have time for such a thing because it wasn’t set up in the previous two movies, the missed opportunity was the potential love triangle.Speaking of missed opportunities, you already killed Han, Luke and potentially Leia for obvious reasons, but the missed opportunity was to go complete circle with the entire original cast.

At one point everyone thought Chewy was dead and I would have stuck to that idea. Now, you might say, Chewy going out like that would have been lame but not every hero goes down in a blaze of glory. Sometimes it’s the simple unexpected deaths in a battle will make the death that much more real. The simple death means it can happen anytime anywhere and not in some grand finale or fashion. C3PO had a larger part than in the previous two installments seemingly making a grand sacrifice for the Resistance. His memory was wiped, and he was not the same droid that they had come to love.

However, this sacrifice was minimized by R2D2 who had the back up memories of his fellow droid friend. I think the story would have been better with the memory wipe of C2PO and then his destruction and somehow the destruction of R2D2 along with the death of Chewy. The whole premise and feeling of out with the old and in with the new to continue the fight would have been more meaningful if all the old warriors had sacrificed in one final battle. And Lando? Well you must have one old timer to tell the youngsters how things were done.

I’m still looking for clarification on exactly what that kiss was all about.

The whole Palpatine thing I did not see coming. Not sure who’s ass they pulled that one out of, but it would have come off better if it was something built up to in the first two movies of the trilogy. The explanation is relation to Rey is the only thing that made it remotely work if at all. Ultimately, it was probably a better plot twist then making Rey a Skywalker or a Solo as a lot of us suspected. Rey taking the name of Skywalker at the very end in place of Palpatine is what seals the meaning of the title of the film. Originally, before Carrie Fisher’s death, Leia was meant to be the last Skywalker that rises at the end.

I like this ending better because it was unpredictable. Like his grandfather before him, Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo put aside the ways of the dark side and fought on the side of good. The movie starts with Kylo Ren on a path of destruction that would do his grandfather proud. But there is a traitor in his mist feeding information to the Resistance. Unceremoniously, that traitor is revealed to be General Hux who put himself in this role for no other reason than his hatred for Kylo Ren. This revelation catches you by surprise not so much for who is revealed as the traitor but the forced way it was done throwing any thespian studies by the actor out the window.

After letting Finn and his crew escape, Hux is easily revealed as a traitor and executed. That simple. Adam Driver does an awesome Kylo Ren/Ben Solo who is angst at the world and has no idea on who to direct his anger management issues towards. That has been his go to for three movies and it works for him until the very undecisive end. “Am I a bad boy? Am I a good boy? We don’t know but I’m not changing this look on my face regardless. Now kiss me before I die”.

Can anyone explain the reason behind this kiss?

Heartwarming and what I call one of the best scenes in the whole movie is Chewbacca’s reaction to the death of Leia. He drops to his knees and gives a whaling cry at the news of the death of another dear friend. He is comforted with a sincere “I’m sorry Chewy”. This little scene makes up for the way Chewy and Leia walked by each other when Han was killed. You would have thought they would have been all over each other crying, but no. Cool new characters were introduced but there was so much going on and so much to tie up in this movie that you really couldn’t focus and give them too much back story.

Well there was the character of Jannah who was awkwardly confronted by Lando on her origins and when she confessed on not knowing where she was from Lando’s reply was “Well let’s find out”. Because on a final installment of a trilogy you want to leave a cliffhanger. Who knows that could be a Disney + series in the making called Let’s Find Out Where This Mysterious Character That No One Really Cares About Comes From.

Companion book material of the movies reveals her to be the long-lost daughter of Lando. I totally hate that idea and cringe at the possibilities. Meanwhile, as you introduce new characters, Rose is placed in the background. She survives the movie but in Rise of Skywalker she is not part of the close friend group that is Rey, Finn and Po that you would expect her to be.

But that kiss though.

Rise of Skywalker is very entertaining as far as action. At times when the plot was thinner than paper we were rewarded with great action. We were moved to different planet locations and gratuitous action scenes to make up for the lack of plot and forgotten plot points of the previous movies. Except for a few lulls like the reveal of Rey’s past which was almost a sleeper, we were on a fast track to wrap up a saga that started over 40 years ago.

I’m going to go on record as not saying whether Rise of Skywalker was good or bad but perhaps different. The anticipation of waiting over 40 years to get to an end that, honestly, I don’t recall anyone ever asking for can lead to certain expectations. Expectations that can not be lived up to no matter who was writing or directing the project. So, I’m going to remain indifferent and like parts of the movie and cringe at other parts. Ignore the missed opportunities and welcome the new ideas.

I’m going to wait until Rise of Skywalker comes to Disney + and watch it repeatedly until I understand that damn kiss.

Kenny Walker Jr

Harley Quinn the Queen of Comic Villainy

Let’s be clear: I’m not on the Harley Quinn train that DC seems to be on.

To me this is the same thing that was done with Wolverine and Deadpool over at Marvel. You get a breakout character and you plaster them everywhere. Harley is that breakout character for DC Comics. This means we get to see the character get their own book and show up in every other book. In today’s cinematic world that would get the character their own movie or TV show.

Unlike most comic characters Harley Quinn’s start was on TV. Harley Quinn was meant to be a one-off character in September 1992 on Batman the Animated Series as the Joker’s girlfriend. The character was a hit and made it to comic book pages in September 1993. Now after getting her own book title and starring in a live action movie, Harley Quinn is the star of her own TV series on the DC Universe streaming service.

Harley Quinn is not your kid’s cartoon. Like every other DC Universe original show, Harley Quinn is adult themed and laced with profanity. The series tells the story of Harley Quinn striking out on her own. She realizes that she is not as important to Joker as she thought she was. She always thought of herself as his partner. He treats her like a sidekick. This is about her breaking away from the Joker and becoming her own woman.

But just as the Joker is obsessed with killing Batman, Harley is obsessed with showing Joker that she is her own woman. Now take that concept and add comedy. In recent times, DC is learning that taking the dark approach to everything is not the route to go. Harley Quinn takes a more comedic look on the Batman universe and Gotham City. It doesn’t glorify crime or the evil of the villains but just takes a more comedic look at the dark underworld of Gotham.

Kaley Cuoco does an excellent job as Harley Quinn. The series shows you the real character that is Harley Quinn. She’s crazy but she is also smart. She is underestimated as the Joker’s girlfriend and often dismissed, and she wants to show the world she is more than that. The series delves into the history of the character in that she was once a prominent doctor who was turned by the Joker into a villain. She’s a crazy lady who still retains the knowledge of her old profession.

We cannot talk about this show without giving prompts to the supporting cast. So far most of the Gotham underground has been represented along with some other villains. One main stand out is Lake Bell doing the voice work for the Poison Ivy character. Poison Ivy is like Abbott to Harley’s Costello. Harley is like every bad kid going to the Chocolate Factory and Ivy is like Willy Wonka calmly sitting there going “No. Wait. Stop.” But Harley does it her way anyway leaving Ivy at the end going “Did we learn anything from this?”.

However, the one thing that translates from the comic in this series is the friendship between the two women. Actor Alan Tudyk does an awesome job with Joker. It’s really some Mark Hamill Adventures of Batman level work that this man puts into it and that’s a good marker to have. He shows the random craziness that is Joker and how you never know what the Joker could care about or not care about. Another stand out is Frank the Plant voiced by J. B. Smoove.

This is some Little Shop of Horrors kind of stuff and a great comic relief in a show that is full of comedy. Almost every villain you can name shows up on this show voice by some very notable actors. Listen for talent such as Wanda Sikes, Sanaa Lathan, Jason Alexander, Tisha Campbell-Martin, and Howie Mandel. One of my favorites is voice actor Matt Oberg who does a few of the villains but the main one that stands out to me is Kite Man and the running joke with him. It will have you on the floor.

Like I stated in the beginning, I am not a big Harley Quinn fan. However, this show is worth taking another look at the character. New episodes every Friday. Check it out.

Kenny Walker Jr

Superhero Weaknesses

Sometimes the power of a superhero can be overwhelming. They can be created so powerfully that they seem impossible to defeat. Superman can move mountains; Green Lantern can do anything in his imagination and Thor is literally a God. However, for all their power there are some drawbacks. They do have weaknesses. 

Superman Kryptonite

Let’s tackle the obvious and easiest one first. As we all know Superman was born on another planet which was destroyed. Apparently, shards from the destroyed planet can weaken Superman and even kill him and small meteorites have made their way to Earth to keep the man of steel humble.

Green Lantern yellow

The Guardians power ring choose Hal Jordan to become a Green Lantern because he was fearless and with this ring, he can do whatever his mind can create. Green Lantern can combat any foe that he comes across ….as long as the color yellow is not involved. The power of his ring cannot even touch anything yellow meaning if you paint his whole world yellow, he’s just a guy with a glowing green ring.

Green Lantern (Golden Age) wood

The first Green Lanterns ring has more of a mystic background. There is no space corps involved. However, this Green Lanterns weakness is wood. So, if a tree is falling on you and there’s nobody around to save you if this Green Lantern shows up you are still out of luck.

Wonder Woman bound at the bracelets by man

Ok now, this is a bit sexist and slightly pornographic. Wonder Woman’s power rivals that of Superman and she has stood toe to toe with him. One of the things that makes this possible even though he is stronger is her training as an Amazon warrior. However, if an ordinary man happens to be able to sneak up on her and bound her by her bracelets, she is powerless. Considering the times in which she was created, this was a simple fix in making a woman submissive.

Daredevil loud sound

Daredevil is the man without fear. He is blind with heightened senses. He doesn’t need to be able to see. In fact, his heightened senses are much better than sight making him a very formidable superhero. However, if you overload him with noise then you have a good chance of defeating him. You must overload his high senses. Makes sense.

Flash too much Speed

The fastest man alive has a weakness that is his greatest strength. Running too fast. For as powerful as Flash is if he runs too fast, he can destroy himself.

Thor more than a minute away from his hammer

We’re putting this in even though it no longer applies. But this is too classic to let go. when Thor first appeared, he had a human alter ego named Donald Blake which was a handicapped doctor who used a cane to walk. When said doctor tapped this cane on the ground, he became the demigod, Thor. The cane reverted to its true form of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Thor had to be connected to his hammer. If the hammer left his side for more than 60 seconds than Thor would revert to Donald Blake. Marvel decided this was a dumb foil and got rid of the concept back in 1984.

Human Torch asbestos

Johnny Storm the Human Torch is a very powerful being. His ability to go supernova and literally be able to destroy everything if he chose is a power to be reckoned with. However, if you happen to have some asbestos on then you can have the fight half won.

Martian Manhunter fire, matches

A lot of people aren’t familiar with the Martian Manhunter. His powers put him in league with Superman and in my opinion, make him even more powerful. He’s got super strength, flight, invulnerability, heat vision, shapeshifting, invisibility, and telepathy. However, if you got some gasoline and light a match to set the whole room on fire than it is literally on. Martians weakness for fire is what helped Batman defeat a room full of Martians in a classic Justice League story.

Firestorm organics

Firestorm the Nuclear Man is very powerful indeed. I mean, come on, he’s the nuclear man. One of his main powers is his ability to transmute objects. So, you try to shoot him with a hail of bullets and he turns them into flowers or cotton balls. He can transmute anything except anything organic. He can not transmute humans or animals in any way.

Shazam & Captain Marvel Jr saying their own names

These two heroes go in together because not only are they related to each other of sorts but they have the same weakness. Shazam used to be called Captain Marvel but because of rights and confusion, he is now called Shazam. However, for Billy Batson to become Shazam he has to say his name for the lightning to strike so if he is in his superhero form and says his name again, he reverts back to Billy Batson. The same applies to Captain Marvel Jr who has to say Captain Marvel to get his powers. In Captain Marvel Jr’s case, this may no longer apply since Shazam has been retconned and Captain Marvel is no longer a thing in the DC universe.

Gladiator self confidence

Gladiator is like a space Superman. You name it he can do it. Strength, speed, slow aging, invulnerability, the whole thing. However, an attack on his ego and give him doubt then you have him right where you want him. For all his grandiose posturing and bravado, if you shake his confidence than the battle is won.

Power Girl raw unprocessed natural material

Power Girl has a slightly confusing background. Originally, she is the Earth 2 cousin of Superman but that has been changed in so many different ways. She is now on an Earth 2 that I care not to go into but that doesn’t change the fact of why she’s on this list. Her weakness is raw unprocessed natural materials. So, man-made bullets she can handle but if you try to drive a wooden stake through her heart like a vampire you are on to something.

Wolverine The Muramasa Blade

Over the years, Wolverine has become annoyingly hard to kill. Don’t get me wrong, Wolverine is a great character but over the years they kept throwing things at him and he would not die. So, what do you do with a character you make too powerful? You create a special sword that can actually kill him. For good.

Adam Strange too long away from Earth

The hero Adam Strange is not so much a hero on earth as he is a hero on the planet Rann. He was drawn there by the zeta beam. However, this is also his weakness. He can not stay away from Earth for more than a year at a time. So even if he’s in the middle of a mission and his year is up, he vanishes back to Earth.

Kenny Walker Jr

You Must Watch Watchmen

You Must Watch Watchmen.

So, I’m having a text conversation with a friend of mine and I asked had he seen Watchmen yet. Said friend being the film and tv critic that he is in his mind answered with a very caviler attitude saying he wasn’t wasting his time with that show. I tell him what a great show it is. His response is that since he had seen the movie what’s the point of seeing a continuation of the same characters.

My response was, “Bro, that’s not what it is.”

His rebuttal was that he liked shows with more diversity and from the movie this was all about a couple of White guys.

My response again was, “Bro, that’s not what it is.”

“Really.” He replied. “So, what is it about?

I proceeded to tell him what I’m about to tell you: You must watch Watchmen.

Watchmen adds to the lore of the universe created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in 1987 DC Comics. The Watchmen originally was a 12 issue comic book mini-series that told a story of a group of superheroes called the Minute Men in a universe where Nixon remained President for multiple terms and we had easily won the Vietnam War due to the help of America’s premier superhero, Dr Manhattan. In this alternate universe in 1985 the hero named Ozymandias aka Adrian Veldt, tried to bring the world together by faking an alien invasion that killed millions. He created a giant alien squid to materialize in New York City. The book was made into a movie in 2009 as an exact replica of the book however instead of a giant alien octopus there was an atomic explosion. Dr Manhattan moves to the planet Mars. There’s a lot more so read a trade paperback and then see the actual movie. Trust me on this.

You must watch Watchmen.

Although it takes place in another reality, Watchmen is a show that tackles issues of our real world. Racism, police brutality, crooked politicians it’s all here. Watchmen touches on issues of race that have made some uncomfortable and lost a small portion of audiences. Showrunner Damon Lindelof has taken this world created by Moore and Gibbons to another unexpected level introducing us to new characters and a different storyline that ties in directly with the book and movie. Lindelof also brought a few characters back from the source material to help solidify the past with the present.

You must watch Watchmen.

The original Watchmen book and movie where really a big superhero murder mystery. The real master mind behind the murder was not some supervillain out for money, power or revenge, but a superhero who thought he could make the world a better place with mass murder. It was a mystery until the very end. When you got to the end, you were totally shocked and surprised. Lindelof has kept that same amount of surprise in every episode. Every episode has a “what the what?” moment that has you wanting more on your tv every Sunday night at 9pm. Once again, this is an alternate reality where the greatest and strongest hero lives on Mars and Robert Redford is President. Anything can happen and when it does it takes you for a loop. The writing and acting is done in such a way that you must know what happens next.

You must watch Watchmen

This is not all just a murder mystery. The action is well worth a trip on a Sunday night. In this reality, police where a victim of what is known as the “White Night”, where several of them where assaulted and murdered by a White supremist group called the Seventh Kavalry. Because of this assault, the current police force where mask to protect their identity so another mass slaughter does not happen. Love is also in the air on Watchmen. The love of family; the love of a comrade in arms; the love of a mission; and the love of a lie.

You must watch Watchmen.

As of this article Watchmen is about 6 or 7 episodes in and we are hitting close to the season finale. I would like to be able to give you a prediction of what to expect but, honestly, this is not that show. This is a true mystery where layers are on top of layers and when the real gets pulled out you are shocked and stunned. This show has taken me on so many rides that it would be impossible for me to give it justice just telling you. I will simply put this the only way I know how.

You must watch Watchmen.

Kenny Walker Jr

The Top 10 Super Friends of Comics

Even superheroes need friends. This week we have put together the top 10 list of super buddies in comics. This is a list of characters who are known to hang together and be friends outside of their adventures together.

10. Juggernaut & Black Tom Cassidy

We are going to start with two super villains because even the bad guys need friends. In a world where most villains do not trust each other and are known for stabbing each other in the back, Black Tom and Kane Marko are known for putting their friendship first before any devilish plot or revenge.

9. Misty Knight & Colleen Wing

The coolest women of the comic book world had to make this list. For years they served as supporting characters in Power Man and Iron Fist known to many as Daughters of the Dragon. Their friendship was the shining moments in the Netflix Iron Fist season 2 series.

8. Wonder Man & The Beast

These two characters created the bromance in comics. With both characters having very different backstories, they came together in the Avengers books. They laughed together, partied together, and most importantly fought together.

7. Harlequin & Poison Ivy

These gal pals are the feminine side of the underworld. They have teamed up for various criminal endeavors and became friends. The depths of their friendship were last explored in the current Heroes in Crisis storyline where Poison Ivy is believed to have been a victim of the carnage that sets off the event.

6. Blue Beatle & Booster Gold

The blue and gold. This duo provided much humor and heroics with the Justice League. Whether it be trying to use their superhero status to pick up women or for a get rich quick scheme, these characters are one of the main reasons you read Justice League and Justice League International in the 90s.

5. Power Man & Iron Fist

Luke Cage and Danny Rand are two heroes who come through for each other no matter what. Whether they are Heroes for Hire or Avengers they continue to have each other’s back. Unfortunately, this relationship was not played out to its fullest on the Netflix series.

4. Green Lantern & Green Arrow

Who is your friend? That dude that travels the highways and byways of the land with you to get you back in touch with your humanity. That’s exactly what Green Arrow did for Green Lantern. They traveled America to experience real-world problems and the showed how each character responded differently.

3. The Human Torch & Spiderman

At a time when Marvel was young, it had young heroes. Two of the youngest were Peter Parker and Johnny Storm. It would only stand to reason that’s these two would become best friends. Their friendship would even have Spiderman replace Human Torch in the Fantastic Four when everyone believed he was dead.

2. Captain America & The Falcon

There were so many heroes we could have paired Cap up with. Winter Soldier/ Bucky. Iron Man. However, since they shared a book together this seemed like the obvious choice. Sam Wilson is such a friend to Steve Rogers that he took up his mantle as Captain America when asked.

1. Batman & Superman

Number one is the super friends that they make movies about. Even if it’s not a good movie. Superman and Batman are the oldest set of friends on this list. They have been on a multitude of adventures together and lead the Justice League. They have trusted each other like brothers and fought each other like enemies. Their names are synonymous with each other.

Let us know what you think of our list and what super friends you would add.

Kenny Walker Jr

12 Marvel and DC characters that we need to see in a movie

We live in a time where it is commonplace to turn a comic book hero into live action. Whether on the silver screen or on your home TV, we seldom have to imagine what our favorite comic book hero would look like if they came to life. Technology in the industry has made even the most complex character able to come alive. But not every character has gotten star treatment as there are tons of characters that have been looked over. Here is our list of DC and Marvel comic book heroes that we feel deserve to be made live action.

1. Elongated Man & Sue Dibny

When I started to write this article, these are the first characters that came to mind. I know we get a taste of Elongated Man on the CW’s Flash but this is different. Before she was killed in Identity Crisis and he was killed in 52, this was the magical DC super couple that made people believe that a hero could love. This could be a rom-com that saves the DC cinematic universe from the darkness they feel they need to be relevant. I know these are B listers that the fans barely know but that’s even more reason that there is little chance this would be messed up. Did you know that the artist used Danny Kaye as a basis to draw Ralph Dibny and Dawn Wells from Gilligans Island to draw Sue Dibny? True story.

2. Legion of Superheroes

Come on, who wouldn’t want to see the story of the future heroes brought to live action. Legion flight rings would be enough for me to say yes. Again, some of these characters have already been on a few CW shows but this would be a much bigger take. Think Star Trek but with every member of the crew having some sort of super power. They could even tie this into the Justice League movie and use the Darkness Saga storyline which features the Legion going up against Darkseid.

3. Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters takes place on an Earth where the Nazi won World War II. Uncle Sam, Black Condor, Doll Man, The Ray, Phantom Lady, and the Human Bomb are the leaders of a resistance force set to bring down the Nazi regime. If you marry the movie Red Dawn with the TV show V and gave all the main characters super powers this is the demon love child you would get. I would go see that.

4. All-Star Squadron

All Star Squadron was a DC comic that took place during World War II. In their stories, writers would use actual events that took place in history but would add the fictional characters in the mix as if they were a part of real history. This would not only be good on the big screen but as an ongoing TV show.

5. Wonder Man

Wonder Man, AKA Simon Williams, is the ionically charged superhero in the Marvel Universe that lives in Hollywood as an actor/stuntman when he is not out saving the world with the Avengers. Although he is thought of as a B list hero, he is one of the more powerful heroes in the Avenger books. Yes, he does happen to have a convoluted origin that can be dummied down but to his credit, his brother, the Grim Reaper, would make the perfect villain that the story would need. What would make this interesting is that you can tell a whole struggling actor story and his desire to be a superhero collide to make his life difficult.

6. Multiple Man

Jaime Maddox, the Multiple Man, has already been featured in an X-Man movie. This showing did not give him justice. If you follow the true comic book version of the use of his powers and not make him a guy that can duplicate himself for a fight then you would have an interesting plot. Imagine a guy who can duplicate himself and send his duplicates out into the world to learn different things. Then they come back to the original and get re-absorbed and give the original the knowledge they have learned. You send a duplicate out to learn religion, another duplicate out to learn martial arts and another duplicate out to learn medicine then a few years later they come back to get re-absorbed and you retain their knowledge. You could potentially be the smartest person in the world. Then you can add the conflict of a duplicate not wanting to be re-absorbed or a duplicate turning to evil and now you have quite an interesting movie.

7. Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

Blue Beatle, Ted Kord, and Booster Gold, Michael Carter, were the best part of the Justice League in the late 80’s to early 90’s. Their exploits as heroes who would sometimes screw things up were legendary. But they were true heroes who got the job done. Yes, they were funny but when times got tough they were the ones you could count on. These guys made this list because I think this is the kind of movie the DC Cinematic Universe needs to get them away from the idea that they have to have dark serious movies.

8. Alpha Flight

Alpha Flight is like the Canadian version of the Avengers. Plain and simple but that would be the appeal to this coming to the big screen. What makes this team so dynamic is that it has so many variations of powers. Alpha Flight has mutants, mystics, scientist, alien creatures and mythical creatures that make up this team. You could use the strong ties to Wolverine if you want but you really don’t have to go there. This is a concept that can stand on its own.

9. Shang-Chi

Let’s be honest, Shang Chi is a character created in the 70’s to cash in on the whole Bruce Lee thing. He’s an Asian guy who is arguably the best martial arts fighter in the Marvel universe who happens to have an evil father. This character made the list because if done right with the right actor you could have one of the best martial arts movies made. Again, being honest, the martial arts displayed by Finn Jones as Iron Fist was extremely lacking because you cast a guy who knew nothing about martial arts. This would be Marvel’s chance to give their fans the martial arts kick ass film they deserve.

10. Milestone Line

In 1993, a group of Afro-American artist and writers founded Milestone Media because they felt minority characters were not represented well in the American comic industry. Distributed by DC Comics, they created a universe of minority characters that would become a legendary breakthrough in comics. The most popular character would be Static. But there were also great characters such as Icon and Rocket, Hardware, and the Blood Syndicate. All good characters that could hold a whole movie universe to last at least a good 10 years. Of course, most people want to see a live-action Static but I personally would love to see them take a crack at bringing the Blood Syndicate to life.

11. Blue Marvel

Adam Brashear, Blue Marvel, is not a known character at all. He is relatively new to comics created only about 10 years ago in 2008. His story is an interesting one though. Getting his powers in the 1950’s and fighting crime completely covered because he was a Black man. Although during his heyday in the 50’s and 60’s he was the worlds number one hero he hid his true identity because he knew the world would not accept him if they knew he was a Black man. True to form, in a battle his clothes were torn to reveal to the world he was indeed a man of color he was forced to resign from superhero life and attempt to live out the rest of his life as a private citizen. Then circumstance brings him out of retirement in today’s world. Because of the nature of his powers he has not aged much at all. He fights crime without his mask. With the popularity of Black Panther and the climate for the world regarding people of color, this is the right time to make a movie about a positive Black hero.

12. Moon Knight

I added this on because Moon Knight, AKA Marc Specter, is what everyone wants to see. You know why this character would work? Because he is basically Marvels answer to Batman but with split personalities. If Marvel does not want to put this fan favorite on the big screen than they should at least prepare a series on a streaming service.

That’s our list. Leave comments and let us know if you agree or disagree with our list.

Kenny Walker Jr


Behind every great superhero is a great catchphrase. By definition, a catchphrase is a well-known sentence or phrase that is associated with a particular famous person or character. Catchphrases are used in advertising such as Tony the Tiger proclaiming about Frosted Flakes “they’re great!”. Catchphrases are used by celebrities or notable figures such as The Rock claiming “Can you smell what the Rock is cookin’?”. So, it would stand to reason that catchphrases are used in comic books. Superhero characters are often given catchphrases for marketing and to make them more memorable.

The following is our top 20 superhero catchphrases

20. Phrase: Here I come to save the day

Said by: Mighty Mouse

The mouse with a might would sing this little diddy out as he would come to the rescue. This one sticks in your mind so much that I dare anyone to say that they have never uttered this when coming to the aid of their kid or friend.

19. Phrase: Titans Together

Said by: Titans / Teen Titans

The battle cry of both the Teen Titans and the older Titans. Usually said by their leader, Nightwing, but anyone can do the cry. It’s a good indication that a full-on ass whooping is about to begin.

18. Phrase: Avengers Assemble

Said by: Captain America – any Avengers leader

Another super team battle cry and probably the most famous comic book battle cry there is for a super team. Captain America is the known character for yelling the battle cry but if he’s not there someone else can say it. And yes, again it means someone is in for an ass whooping.

17. Phrase: Cowabunga

Said by: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These fun-loving, skateboarding, ninja fighting sewer turtles had a weird personality trait that made them act like east coast New Yorkers yet talk like west coast surfers. In the first live-action movie this was even said by Master Splinter as the final line.

16. Phrase: It’s Morphing Time

Said by: Power Rangers

The battle cry that means it’s time to suit up. Followed by a big display that still confuses me on how the change really looks if you’re actually looking at the Power Rangers. Through the many various teams of Rangers, this is the one constant.

15. Phrase: Oh, my stars and garters

Said by: Beast

The bouncing Beast of the X-Men is known for this quip. The Beast was not only the brawn of the original team but the brains.

14. Phrase: Mein Gott

Said by: Nightcrawler

The demon looking teleporter of the original All New X-Men is known for using his native German tongue in battle.

13. Phrase: Imperius Rex

Said by: Namor the Submariner

Coming out of the ocean screaming Imperius Rex is the trademark cry of Namor the Submariner, whether he was mad at the surface world and out for vengeance or fighting to save the world.

12. Phrase: Shazam

Said by: Captain Marvel/Shazam

The magic words that change Billy Batson from a kid to the mightiest mortal on Earth. Just speak the name of the old wizard and inherit great power.

11. Phrase: Sweet Christmas

Said by: Luke Cage/Power Man

When Luke Cage is surprised, shocked or pissed off you can bet this is the first thing that comes out of his mouth. This happens at least once every issue of any book he is in.

10. Phrase: Merciful Minerva

Said by: Wonder Woman

The exclamation made by Wonder Woman whenever something major happens.

9. Phrase: Holy _______ Batman

Said by: Robin

The blank can be filled with almost anything that the cape crusaders are dealing with. Robin is famous for blurting out these Holy phrases on any occasion which translated to good TV for the 1960’s show.

8. Phrase: Flame On

Said by: Human Torch

This is Johnny Storm’s battle cry mixed in with his uniform change. Bursting into flames as he goes into battle with his Fantastic Four family.

7. Phrase: It’s Clobberin’ Time

Said by: The Thing

Another member of the Fantastic Four, Ben Grimm the Thing, yells this out to lets you know he’s about to hit you. Surprisingly this usually works for him because for some reason villains stay still to get hit.

6. Phrase: Up, up and away

Said by: Superman

This particular catchphrase ranks so high on our list because it may be the first catchphrase to become a household catchphrase. What kid did not wrap a blanket or sheet around his shoulders and jump off a bed to fly like Superman?

5. Phrase: In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power – Green Lantern’s light

Said by: Green Lantern

As he charges his ring, Hal Jordon chants this oath as an affirmation of his duties as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Not sure if the ring charges if he doesn’t do the oath, though.

4. Phrase: I’m the best there is at what I do

Said by: Wolverine

The toughest mutant in comics is good at one thing and that’s popping his claws and fighting to the death. Wolverine is the best at getting his hands dirty when no one else can.

3. Phrase: Hulk Smash

Said by: Hulk

There have been different versions of the Hulk but the most known Hulk is the one that speaks in broken sentences and talks in first person. “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” almost made the list but this one is more classic.

2. Phrase: Wonder Twins powers activate

Said by: The Wonder Twins

This catchphrase ranked so high on the list out of nostalgia. Originating on the Saturday morning cartoon, the Wonder Twins would bump fist to turn one into an animal and the other into a form of water. They knew exactly what to turn into to complement each other’s transformation to get the job done.

1. Phrase: With great power comes great responsibility

Said by: Spiderman and Uncle Ben

With great power comes great responsibility tops the list as number one because this is what makes Spiderman the hero he is. This is his mantra. The wise words of his Uncle Ben resonated with young Peter, especially after his uncle’s brutal death at the hands of a robber that Peter could have stopped with his powers but let go. This is the phrase that drives Peter to be Spiderman and use his powers to help others and fight for justice. This is what makes Peter put on a costume and put his life in danger to help total strangers. This is the ultimate catchphrase.

That’s our list. Leave a comment and let us know if you agree with our list. Let us know what you would add or take out. With that, we will sign out with a catchphrase from the legendary Stan Lee: Excelsior!

Kenny Walker Jr

Top 5 Greatest Limited Series

Often in the comic book world, creators and writers want to tell a story outside of the normal books that are published every month. Depending on how these stories are marketed they can be called limited series, mini-series or maxi-series. Most often these stories are big events or a special story that the creative team feel cannot be told in the regular book that character appears in. These stories are mostly in regular continuity but sometimes they are not, telling a tale of a different version of a character. If a character is part of a team and the publisher wants to see how that character would sell on his own than they might try out a mini-series to test that characters popularity without the group.

Right now, we’re going to give you what we think are the top 5 of these stories. You will notice that our top 5 include some older stories. There is a reason for that. The stories picked are stories that made sense as a mini-series. These are stories where the publisher still managed to stay within continuity with the regularly published books. They were books that were well planned out.

It seems that within the last 10 years, publishers put out limited series and special stories way too often. These stories seldom fit in with the continuity of the regular monthly books. Sometimes you have more than one event going on with some of the same heroes thrown in which makes even for a more confusing read. Sometimes you will get caught up in a maxi-series and then they will publish a spin-off mini-series to go with that. This is all while the monthly book is going on and crossing over with both those stories. You don’t know what to read first or which book is necessary to keep up with the whole story. Frustrating and confusing. We are going to take you back to a simpler time when it wasn’t that hard to follow an event and they were much loved.

5. Watchmen – DC Comics

Watchmen is a series that ran from September 1986 through October 1987 published by DC Comics. Written by Alan Moore and with art by Dave Gibbons, this book was described by the BBC as “The moment comic books grew up”. Originally, this was supposed to be a story about the Charlatan characters that were recently purchased at that time by DC Comics. However, DC thought the story left these new characters too damaged to use in the mainstream DC universe and had the characters changed to totally new characters.

The story

On this alternate Earth, the story takes place in 1985 where heroes emerged in the 1940’s and 1950’s and many were retired at the time of the story. When one of the heroes get murdered in his civilian identity it launches an investigation with the other heroes.

Why is it on this list?

This story showed realism and successfully took mainstream comic publishers to levels that they were seldom able to be comfortable with. Watchmen showed real heroes with real-life problems. Moore and Gibbons wanted to display the real flaws of the heroes; they wanted to show the best and worst of human beings. The realism and twists in Watchman have made it legendary to comic readers. So much so that a movie was made from the book which did an excellent job of taking the comic out of the book and putting it on the silver screen.

4 Wolverine – 1st limited series – Marvel comics

You would be hard-pressed to say that there is a character more popular in the Marvel Universe than Wolverine. Created by Roy Thomas, Len Wein and John Romita Jr in 1974 and first appearing in an epic battle with the Incredible Hulk, Wolverine later joined the All New X-men and has been a break out character ever since. Needless to say, comic book audiences were more than primed when Chris Claremont and Frank Miller came out with his first limited series in 1982.

The Story

Wolverines first limited series told the story of his engagement to Mariko Yashido.

Why is it on this list?

This story takes place in the X-Men continuity meaning that his character took a leave of absence from the X-men to go abroad to Japan and ask his lady love to marry him. There was no Wolverine in 5 other books at the time. The fight sequences in this book solidified Wolverine as one of the fiercest fighters in the Marvel Universe. Finally, this book is where we get Wolverines famous catchphrase “I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice.”

3. The Dark Knight Returns

This 1986 Frank Miller classic was on our list Top 10 Reasons Batman Is the Most Feared Character in Comics. This book was a defining moment for the Batman character. Even though the story took place in an alternate future, this book helped create the myth of the dark knight detective being a mysterious force of the night.

The story

An aged Batman returns to crimefighting after a long retirement. He first takes down a gang that has terrorized Gotham City. He then must defeat two of his arch enemies Two-Face and Joker. The story’s climax is Batman taking on his once best friend, Superman, who is now a government stooge.

Why is it on this list?

As stated, this version of Batman defines the Dark Knight from this point moving forward. Even for an alternate future, this is a Batman that could actually come to pass. Yes, we know Jason Todd didn’t stay dead which was a catalyst for Batman’s retirement, but Dark Knight attitude set in Miller’s story set a tone for Batman that is still relevant today. A young girl named, Carrie Kelly, marked a landmark for the character of Robin. This was the first time Robin was a female. Even though this was thought to be a one-shot deal that was at first short-lived, Carrie Kelly became a very popular Robin. So much so that the character was also introduced as Robin’s babysitter in the current canon.

2. Secret War – Marvel

The first Secret War by Marvel was a 12-issue maxi-series written by Jim Shooter with art from Mike Zeck and Bob Layton. The series ran from May 1984 until April 1985 and brought a collection of heroes and villains together in one book. Outside of an Avengers event, this was the first major gathering of both heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe in one title.

The Story

A cosmic entity named The Beyonder kidnaps major heroes and villains and puts them on a world made up of many different planets called Battleworld. The Beyonder tells them that they must slay their enemies to get all they desire. With members of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, the X-Men along with other solo heroes fighting to stay alive against a host of Marvel’s biggest and baldest villains made for some of the best fight sequences in comics.

Why is it on this list?

Secret Wars did something that comic events rarely do today: it stayed in continuity and it came out on schedule. While the Avengers, X-men, Fantastic Four, Spiderman and Hulk were in space their books carried on without them successfully. The heroes did come back before the end of the event; however, nothing was revealed to give away the story. Then there is Spiderman’s symbiote costume which is the beginning of another popular character Venom. The introduction of the second Spider Woman is another reason this book is a landmark. Classic fight scenes include Spiderman single-handedly taking on the X-men, a powerless Ben Grim and arrowless Hawkeye surrounded by a slew of villains and the Wasp’s fake romance with Magneto then striking when the time is right.

1 Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths is the ultimate limited series. Written by Marv Wolfman and art by George Perez, Crisis ran from April 1985 to March 1986. Talking about Crisis is an article all by itself, but this was an attempt by DC Comics to simplify the DCU. Ever since DC published “The Flash of Two Worlds” in The Flash 123 (1961), teaming Jay Garrick Flash from Earth 2 with Barry Allen Flash of Earth 1, DC had set up a multiverse. DC ran with this idea and the multiverse expanded to an infinite amount of Earths. With the multiverse, you had imaginary stories and stories that could be explained as not being in regular canon but an alternate Earth. This made DC seem a little less grounded than their major competition Marvel Comics. So, they created Crisis on Infinite Earths to fix their universe.

The Story

This is a story of two entities the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor wants to destroy the multiverse one universe and he was doing a damn good job at it. The Monitor wants to save the everyone and he tries to band heroes together from different universes to do it. Many worlds and characters die but eventually, all creation is down to existing on one Earth.

Why is it number one on this list?

Crisis was able to tell a story in 12 issues and cross over in almost every major title and totally stay in continuity. If Robin from Earth 2 died in Crisis he didn’t show up in another book that month to fight and if he did he died by the end of that book to show continuity. At one point in the main Crisis book there were red skies everywhere, so in every book that month there were red skies. The character deaths were many and often memorable. Barry Allen Flash died alone saving the multiverse just a little longer. Supergirl sacrificed herself taking on the Anti-Monitor single-handedly giving a wounded Superman and the other heroes a chance to escape.

She did hurt him and made him retreat. DC was cleaning house and getting rid of duplicate characters and characters that had no real story or purpose. Just as a character died there was also rebirth. There came a new Dr Light and a new Wildcat. Crisis on Infinite Earths also featured every character in the DC multiverse in 12 issues. Whether it be small cameos to watch them die or if they had more of a major role, every character in the DC arsenal made a panel. The only character that did not make an appearance was Hal Jordan Green Lantern because during that time he had given his role of Earths Green Lantern to John Stewart. Ultimately, Crisis did what it was intended to do: simplify the DC universe.

That’s our top 5 greatest limited series. Leave a comment and let us know if you agree or had a series to add.

Kenny Walker Jr


Batman is one of the most feared characters in the DC Universe. No, I’m sorry, I meant Batman is one of the most feared characters in comics. Period. How did Batman get this reputation you ask? It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t always so.

When Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, in 1939 he was a dark vigilante that preyed on Gotham’s worst criminals. He was a serious no-nonsense character who carried a gun and he killed his adversaries if needed. In the 1950’s comic sales started to slip, and many comics characters suffered, however, Batman still remained. He became more of a sci-fi character with wacky sci-fi adventures. Which started to veer away from the seriousness of the original idea of the Batman character. In the 1960’s with the campiness of the Batman T.V. show increased sales of the comic book. In turn, the comic became campy which steered even more away from the original concept. After the show was canceled, DC comics decided to try to take Batman back to his roots and make him the Dark Knight once again.

Since then Batman became the coolest, badass, most kick-ass character in comics. A man both respected and feared by all. The following are the top 10 reasons in comics that have made that possible.

Dennis O’Neil and Neil Adams took over as writer and artist.

In 1969, O’Neil and Adams took over as the writer and artist of Batman their main objective was to move the character past the campy stereotype. Back to the basis that was created by Kane and Finger. Even though this did not boost sales the way that was expected what did happen was the true legend of the Dark Knight started to build.

Defeating Bane

In 1993 Bane had a plan to defeat The Bat. The storyline was called Knightfall. Bane’s plan was kind of practical. To throw every villain he could at Batman and wear him down. Then when he was worn out and at his lowest trying to figure out what was really going on Bane came through and beat the crap out of him and broke his back. This was classic. Batman briefly retired. But when his ill picked replacement went batshit crazy (pun included), Batman came back from a broken back and not only put Azrael Batman in check but also defeated Bane. Proving you can’t keep a good Bat down.

The Dark Knight Return

Frank Miller’s classic. Basically, this is one of the greatest mini-series. This is a Batman in the future who is old, and battle worn. He is back, and he is still the wrong man to piss off. He lays a final defeat on his greatest foe, The Joker, and proves that he can still go one on one with the man of steel, Superman.

Batman defeats a Green Lantern with one punch

So, after the mini-series Legends which tries to establish heroes after Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC decided to start another Justice League in 1986. This version of Justice League added humor to the superhero comic with Batman often playing the serious father figure straight man. He had instant respect from everyone on the team because of his legend and them knowing what he could do. Everyone except Green Lantern Guy Gardner who would disrespect and taunt Batman for the first few issues of the series. When he would confront the Batman the rest of the team kept telling Guy Gardener to watch himself, but he wouldn’t listen. This resulted in Batman laying him out with one punch after Gardener challenged him to one on one after taking off his ring. Blue Beatle couldn’t stop laughing and Black Canary was very upset she missed it by a second.

Superman calls Batman the most dangerous man in the world

In 1997 there was yet another reboot of the Justice League called JLA. The first story arch was called New World Order and the team consisted of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Green Lantern. An alien super team called the Hyperclan came to Earth and posed as heroes but as predicted they weren’t. They came to dominate. So, the Justice League decided to stop them and lost. They defeated the entire League except for Martian Manhunter who disguised himself and infiltrated the group and Batman who they thought they blew up in the Batplane. So, the not dead Batman sneaks in the lower levels of the Hyperclans base and starts to take them down one by one. He knew their secret. They were really White Martians. They gave themselves away because none of them came near the Batplane that was on fire to check for a dead body. As he takes the first set of Martians down with gasoline and a match he leaves a note behind telling them he knows who they really are. The leader of the Hyperclan is confused and baffled to learn that Batman lived through the Batplane explosion and is taking down these powerful beings because he is just a normal human with no powers and that’s when Superman chained down and weakened with Kryptonite reminds him that “he is the most dangerous man in the world”.

Batman defeats the Justice League

Batman likes to be prepared for every situation. Although he didn’t really execute the way the entire Justice League was defeated he did plan it in JLA: Tower of Babel. Batman had a manifest on how to defeat every member of the Justice League which was stolen by his arch nemesis Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s used this information to defeat the Justice League and as you know they did overcome. Batman’s reason for having such a manifest was just in case any one of them went bad, including himself. The real outcome was the other heroes looking at Batman and thinking “Wait, this guy actually thought of ways to defeat every one of us and who knows who else he’s got files on …. this cat is seriously dangerous”

Batman’s resurrection

So Darkseid is again causing static. Batman decides to end this once and for all and creates a gun to kill a god. So Batman does what only he can do. Darkseid is not surprised or holds quarter as he respects Batman as being that one hero that would do what needs to be done with stakes this high. He does shoot Darkseid but not before Darkseid shoots his Omega beams and seemingly kills the Dark Knight. Apparently, what the beam did was banish Batman in time. Though several reincarnations and a little help from Tim Drake Robin the Dark Knight beat time and death and make his way back to the present. Who does that?

No Man’s Land

This story is actually very basic. This 1999 storyline has Gotham separated from the rest of the world by an earthquake. Bruce Wayne leaves Gotham to use his influence to get help from the government to save Gotham. Meanwhile, the villains and the few heroes left have divided up the land. Bruce Wayne comes back to Gotham and Batman emerges a few months later to rally the good guys and save Gotham.

Forms The Outsiders

In 1983 Batman decides to quit the satellite-based Justice League because he’s a mysterious detective that lives in the shadows. Plus, to him, the League wasn’t worried about the little guys anymore but big global threats. That was not what Batman wanted to be a part of so in 1985 debuted Batman and the Outsiders. This team consisted of more down to earth heroes such as Black Lightning, Katana, Metamorpho, Geo-Force, Halo, and Looker. Yup, Batman is badass enough to quit the team with the most powerful heroes in the world to form his own kickass team that works as a well-tuned unit. It was kind of like when David Ruffin left the Temptations in the 60’s except this move worked out for Batman.

Holds his own and even defeats Marvel characters

Everyone always talks about who would bin in a Marvel vs DC fight. Well, there was a few times that happened. In DC Special #27 Batman battles the Hulk. In what some comic book fans call BS, Batman uses gas and a gut kick to defeat the Incredible Hulk. Yes, simply breathing in gas felled the Hulk. Then there was the time in another Marvel DC collaboration Batman uses a nerve punch in the right place to knock out The Scorpion. Another outing of Marvel vs DC where fans voted for the outcome of the battles found Batman defeating Captain America in a sewer. Fans wherein an uproar because Batman is just a human while Captain America has the super soldier serum and I need to remind you that Batman is a man who trains himself to fight people with powers and figures out their weakness. The second time they met in the 2003 JLA/ Avengers team up. This time they square off to a tie but still – normal human vs super soldier serum because that’s how badass Batman is.

Please feel free to comment on our list and tell us what you think. Is Batman the most feared character in comics or is he just hype? Do you know more stories to support this theory? Let us know.

Kenny Walker Jr