Deep Dive

This week Marvel Studios is releasing their next blockbuster, The Eternals. A lot of you are probably wondering who the Eternals are. I’m a comic book geek so I know who they are, but I am not surprised that a lot of others don’t. The Eternals are not the mostContinue Reading

What is a McGuffin? A McGuffin is an object, device, event, or person in a movie or book that serves merely as a trigger for the plot. Usually, the McGuffin is insignificant, irrelevant, or unimportant to the plot it triggers because it’s just a reason for the plot to continue.Continue Reading

When the news hit that Warner Bros was going to do a Black Superman, social media went crazy. With a whole bunch of speculation going around, there were numerous comments strongly in disagreement of making Clark Kent a Black man. These are probably the same people who were not comicContinue Reading