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On June 29, 2018 Steve Ditko passed away. Why is this important news for the nerd community? Because Steve Ditko was one of the greatest comic book artist and creators of our time. Steve Ditko was the man who visually created Spiderman. This is very important information because Spiderman isContinue Reading

This past weekend Ryan Reynolds came out with his third outing as Deadpool in theaters. I know this is the second Deadpool movie but it’s technically his third time playing the character. I know we all want to put that first appearance to rest and here’s a hint for thoseContinue Reading

One of the best escapes we still have in this day and age is getting away to the movies. At the movies, you escape and live in another world, another adventure, another romance, another thrill. So what are the escapes for 2018? We have African kings and sea kings; weContinue Reading