Doom Patrol: Weird is Cool

Think Twilight Zone meets The Watchmen and you have the new DC Universe streaming show Doom Patrol.

I once read an article about what some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe writers and producers would do with the DC Universe and one answer was start with B list heroes. Start with the heroes no one, outside of comic book fanboys, are too familiar with. Somebody at DC must have read the same article because that’s exactly what Dc did with Doom Patrol.

With the Doom Patrol, DC was able to do what they couldn’t do with Superman or Batman: they could re-invent history. You can’t make Superman come from anywhere but Krypton and be the ultimate hero. Batman has to lose his parents to violence to become the Dark Knight. The Doom Patrol, however, is another matter altogether. As long as you stick to some basics, the Doom Patrol can be molded into interesting TV.

The Doom Patrol was first seen in My Greatest Adventure #80 in 1963 created by writers Arnold Drake and Bob Haney and artist Bruno Premaini. The team was made up of a bunch of misfits: Niles Caulder, The Chief; Cliff Steel, Robotman; Larry Trainer, Negative Man; and Rita Farr, Elasti-Girl. Each one had a power that was more of a curse to them. They were hidden from society. They focused on the weird. That weird is the catalyst of the show.

Because to the general public, the Doom Patrol is virtually unknown, the showrunners are able to take liberties with the characters that you probably couldn’t do in 1963. Niles Caulder is the brains behind the team initially because he has saved all of their lives. His control issues over his patients in order to protect them means that he sometimes treats them like children and keeps them hidden within his mansion.

Cliff Steel is not only an adventurer and a race car driver but, in this adaption, he is not the nicest guy before his accident. He has multiple affairs on his wife and is relatively a big jerk. Larry Trainer is a pilot with a dark secret. His outward appearance as an all-American hero family man hides his secret homosexual romance with his fellow airman. Rita Farr was a world-famous beloved actress who was let her vanity control her.

Her vanity of being beautiful also extended to not wanting to be around anything or anybody who didn’t meet her standard of beauty. This is what makes Doom Patrol more unique than anything DC has put on a live action film. The flaws in these heroes are what makes this show cool. Not the powers or the special effects. The best part of Doom Patrol is the back story.

Later, in comic books, there have been other lineups of the Doom Patrol with Robotman being apart of all of them. In the Grant Morrison run of Doom Patrol, a character named Crazy Jane was introduced. Crazy Jane, Jane Morris, has 64 personalities with all different powers. As her character develops in comics, she also has a close relationship with Robotman. Crazy Jane is the unpredictable bad girl of the group.

Cyborg is another member of this team; however, real fanboys and fangirls know him as a member of the Teen Titans introduced in DC Comics Presents in 1980. DC has decided to make him a member of the Doom Patrol even though they do have a Titans series. The showrunners have kept his origin story pretty close to the original and have made him a known hero by the time he meets the Doom Patrol in the second episode.

The villain is Mr. Nobody. Mr. Nobody narrates the episodes and breaks the 4th wall in speech. Whoever thought of this idea is brilliant. This is another aspect of the show that makes it so weird and different in a good way. Mr. Nobody, Eric Morden, first appeared in Doom Patrol #86 in 1964. Depending on the writers this character has had various powers throughout the years and the TV series has given him powers that give the Doom Patrol a run for their money.

These characters are not just superbeings out to save the world because honestly being three episodes in they don’t want to save the world. They are reluctant heroes. A true band of misfits. Their mission is to find the Chief that Mr. Nobody has taken hostage. As they all struggle with their own personal demons and past, they join together to help their friend. This is not The Avenger or the Justice League; they are not coming in flashy and posing on a supped-up ride.

They are coming in gritty and dirty on an old short school bus. That’s what makes this different in a good way. Mr. Nobody telling all the origins of the team in the first episode then sucking everything, including the town, in a cosmic wormhole. By the second episode, we are introduced to Cyborg and find out that a donkey has swallowed the whole town. Like I said, weird but in a good way.

Doom Patrol is just what DC needed. This is not the A list superheroes and one of the benefits of that is that you can make changes to these characters that help this show. Changes that you couldn’t make to heroes like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Yet they were able to take the weird that is in the comics books and relay it to the screen.

A new episode of Doom Patrol streams Friday at 9 am. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Kenny Walker Jr

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3

After protests, petitions and a long wait Young Justice: Outsiders Season 3 is finally here. The series return debuted on DC Universe streaming channel on January 4, 2019, at 9 am. Young Justice premiered on Cartoon Network on November 26, 2010, and was canceled in the Spring of 2013. This cancellation was very surprising to the fans because this was a much-beloved show. It was great. Like reading a comic book and it had more adult themes which were awesome.

But here’s the thing, no show lasts on television without the sponsors. No cartoon show lasts on television if you can’t sell the merchandise with the show. At first, it was said that the Young Justice cancellation was because more girls were watching the show and DC execs wanted more boys watching the show to buy more merchandise. Incidentally, there are a lot of fangirls in the comic book nerd community than these execs know about apparently. Then it came to be known that the toys from Mattel that were aligned with the show were not selling and Mattel pulled the toy line.

This pulled the funding for the show which affected the third season. The replacement by Cartoon Network of Teen Titans Go was a big disappointment to fans who loved Young Justice. However, Titans Go sold a lot of merchandise to younger audiences and manage to stay afloat to the present day and even produce major motion animated pictures. Fans protested and signed petitions to bring Young Justice back and all the hard work paid off. When DC announced its streaming network one of the prime reasons most people signed on was the promise of the much-demanded season 3 of Young Justice.

DC Universe started streaming by fall of 2018 and fans learned that they wouldn’t get their favorite show until January 2019. On January 4, 2019, all their dreams came true with three premiere episodes of the new season. As someone who subscribes to the streaming channel, it took me over two hours to get in through my app. But when I finally got in it was well worth the wait. Season 3 picks up where season 2 left off. The Reach has been defeated, Nightwing takes a leave of absence and Wally is still gone.

The Justice League and Young Justice are still working side by side in the satellite. Then time jumps 2 years. Nightwing is still flying solo, Wally is still gone and the story revolves around experiments done on kidnapped youth to expose their metagene and turn them into metahumans to exploit. Batman, believing that the Justice League is not effective anymore resigns with a small fraction of Leaguers. Nightwing is off following his own lead on missing kids.

The thing I liked about season 3 is while watching it you forgot that it had been 5 years since you last saw these characters. The flow of how this show picked up was steady and smooth. Being that the show was now on the DC Universe streaming network there was a slightly different tone. This was an even more mature tone than when the show was on Cartoon Network. With lesser restrictions, Young Justice can reach its audience with subject matter that it could not do before.

Filled with action along with a well-written script, Young Justice: Outsiders season 3 was exactly what the fans have been waiting for all this time. Just as the prior two seasons showed five years ago, the action played out like reading a comic book. But this wasn’t just an animated fight show where there were pointless fights, the drama is what makes this show stand out. The feeling of betrayal when Batman leaves with his fraction of Leaguers, the love of Superboy and Miss Martian, Tigress still missing Wally West, Black Lightening feeling like he is no longer the hero he once was, and the interaction of the royal family of Markovia all played out in this script evenly with the action sequences.

Kudos to the voice actors for bringing this animated show alive. Just like the original Outsiders from the comic book Batman and the Outsiders, we are also introduced to 2 new characters to the show but familiar to comic readers: Prince Brion, Geo-Force, and Halo. And what would bringing original Outsiders into the fold be without also re-introducing a favorite villain from the original comic: Baron Bedlam. Yes, this show had it all and it’s only 3 episodes in. If the first three episodes are any indication then this is a formula for a winning season. Young Justice is back. Season 3 looks to be everything the fans asked for.

Tell us what you thought of Young Justice: Outsiders season 3.

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Legends of Tomorrow not so Legendary

When we did the story on the new CW Arrowverse shows, we left our Legends of Tomorrow. Not only because the season started a week later than the others but because my verdict was still out on this one. Now the verdict is in: there is nothing legendary about Legends of Tomorrow.

Yes, I cut right to the chase with the cold hard facts.

When this show first started four seasons ago it had so much promise. You had a time squad being led by Rip Hunter that consisted of Hawkman & Hawkwoman, Firestorm, the Atom, Captain Cold, Heatwave and White Canary. They had the stamp of approval from Green Arrow and Flash. The main villain was none other than Vidal Savage, the oldest immortal villain in the DC universe which is perfect for a time-traveling band of heroes.

Legends of Tomorrow started strong and hit the ground running. This may have been the problem.

Since 1959, the Rip Hunter character has been a time travel force in the DC universe, especially during main events that change the course of the universe. The characters history is so deep in the comic universe, that there were a lot of avenues you could have taken after season one to continue to base the series around him. As a comic book geek, in my mind I thought with Rip Hunter on board how could Booster Gold not be too far behind. But, as always, the problem with DC not following their own source material, these were plot devices not taken advantage of. This may have been the problem.

Now let’s get back to this mini Justice League you had in the first season. The Hawks, Firestorm and the Atom are all popular comic book characters. Despite that fact that the writers did not follow the source material from the books completely regarding their powers, seeing these Justice Leaguers together was part of the appeal for the show. The Flash’s rogue gallery of villains is comparable with the villains that torment Batman. Captain Cold and Heatwave are two of these heroes. White Canary is a character from the Arrow-verse who was one of the many versions of Black Canary but since one of the main flaws to Arrow is that they can’t seem to get this character right she was moved to Legends of Tomorrow.

Early on it was rumored that the cast of heroes would be changed with each season. Little did we know that the replacements would be characters that couldn’t hold a candle to what the show started out with. This may have been the problem. In season one, the villain was Vidal Savage. In season two you had a version of the Legion of Doom. After that, the villains were not anything to write home about. Season three and four had Damien Dark but we had already seen him in action for a whole season of Arrow. This was now overkill and this may have been the problem. The problem with Legends of Tomorrow is that it is a show of missed opportunity. Here you have a group of heroes traveling on a ship that can not only break the time barrier but the breach the multiverse.

In season two when they brought in the Justice Society of America that was a move in the right direction. Sadly, there have been little moves like this done during the four seasons this show has been on the air. With so much of the DC cannon to play with, there is so much missed opportunity to bring in other such heroes from all over. Yes, you brought in Jonah Hex and John Constantine who is now a series regular but that is nothing compared to what you could have brought to the table. Where are Challengers of the Unknown, The Linear Men, and Booster Gold who have strong ties to Rip Hunter? For that matter how are you doing a time travel show without the Rip Hunter character? Similarly, most of the heroes in the first season have a tremendous backstory and enough to pick from to have a few years’ worth of story.

With Waverider, there have been missed opportunities to go to different times and universes where the Legends could team up with other heroes. Where is the trip to the Legion of Superheroes time in the future? Or when they made a trip to medieval times, why didn’t they feature the Shining Knight? The biggest problem of missed opportunity is the world of magic. The third season dabbled in magic and they made a smart move by bringing in Constantine to help with the problem. At the end of the third season, Constantine showed up to interrupt the Legends vacation by letting them know that they had unleashed various magical demons on the world. Hence, this season is spent finding and capturing them so Constantine can send them back to where they came from. But instead of this being a job for the likes of Heatwave, the Atom, and White Canary, shouldn’t this be a job for Justice League Dark?

Who is Justice League Dark you ask? Justice League Dark was a version of the Justice League that consisted of heroes who specialized in magic. Heroes like Constantine, Zantana, Madame Xanadu, Shade the Changing Man, Swamp Thing, Deadman and others were brought together to fight supernatural evil in the world that was out of the scope of what the regular Justice League could handle. If you want to leave characters like White Canary, the Atom and Heatwave to fight what they can’t defeat or understand, the writers can at least have some of these magical heroes guest star each episode to help. You have these toys in your arsenal. Use them.

Legends of Tomorrow has become a farce and the weak link in the CW Arrow-verse. By often using light-hearted humor even during the most serious situations and fights, what could be an awesome DC universe team up show has been a disappointing joke. In order to save this show, the showrunners would need to utilize the entire DC universe and timelines and introduce other known characters even if it’s just for guest appearances. And please bring back Rip Hunter. It makes no sense to have the Legends and a Time Bureau without him.

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Daredevil Season 3 – Does it hit the Bullseye?

The last we saw Matt Murdock, Daredevil, he was laying in a bed in what was believed to be a convent. Everyone in his world thought he was dead because they all believed he could not have survived a building falling on him. But we have season 3 because, yes, he did survive.

Charlie Cox returns as Matt Murdock as what can be described as one of his best dramatic turns in the role. In 13 episodes, Cox’s Murdock shows us a man in despair who has lost his faith in everything and the process it takes to make him whole again. At the start, the world believes Daredevil is dead and Matt Murdock’s friends think the same and Matt Murdock is fine with all that. He has given up on the world and his life. Yes, we get some awesome Daredevil fight scenes but the more interesting thing is watching Matt Murdock’s journey.

Vincent D’Onofrio comes back to season 3 for the full season as the main nemesis. D’Onofrio delivers a Wilson Fisk/Kingpin that never disappoints. Like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Chris Evans as Captain America, D’Onofrio was born to play this part and we really can’t see anyone else doing it justice. Wilson Fisk starts the show in a jail cell after being caught by our hero in Season 1. In Kingpin fashion, he uses deceit and manipulation to obtain his goals: leading New York City’s underworld, reuniting with his true love Venessa and revenge on Matt Murdock.

Returning to season 3 main cast is Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, Ayelet Zurer as Venessa Fisk, Stephen Rider as Blake Tower, Geoffrey Cantor as Mitchell Ellison, and Peter McRobbie as Father Lantom. Newcomers joining the main cast are Jay Ali as Ray Nadeem, Joanne Whalley as Sister Maggie and Wilson Bethel as Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter.

We pick up on Karen and Foggy handling Matt’s supposed death in two different ways but ultimately leaning on each other to get through the whole situation. However, that whole situation changes due to Wilson Fisk possibly going free and Matt Murdock alive again. Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page is featured almost as much as Cox’s Matt Murdock and D’Onofrio’s Fisk. Although she is not a total damsel in distress she is in distress and often has to be rescued by Murdock and one time even Foggy. I was often annoyed in the show as to how she went from being the secretary for Murdock and Nelson in season one to a top well-known reporter in season 3.

Besides accompanying Ben Urich in season 1 on which ultimately got him killed by the Kingpin, she shared no real experience as a reporter. Just a thirst to see the truth, which may be all you really need. We do get a small peak at Karen’s past in this episode but it still doesn’t explain her occupational choices. Henson’s Foggy Nelson is the heart of season 3. What I mean by that is that he is the only character with a heart compass that directs him towards a normal human outcome. Foggy Nelson is not driven by revenge but by the letter of the law and believing that all will work out for the better believing as him.

The new villain that works with Kingpin is Bullseye. We know it’s Bullseye even if they never call him this by name which is annoying. Bethel does an excellent job with this character. Building the foundations of this character and bringing him to screen was exciting to watch. You had a background to believe this kind of crazy and there was meaning and purpose to everything this character did. The one disappointing thing about his character for the whole season was not calling him who he was: Bullseye. For as great as this season was it was an opportunity missed that distracted me throughout the season. Just as in season 2 you waited to see Frank Castle paint that skull on his shirt you did not get that payoff with Dex. Instead, you got a guy with Bullseye’s fighting skill set in a Daredevil costume being called Dex.

Other newcomers, Ali’s Ray Nadeem, and Whalley’s Sister Maggie played prominent roles in season 3 that helped carry the season along. They filled in important blanks and added plot points that were welcome surprises. As you stream through the season keep your eyes on these characters for the dimensions that they bring. Just like all the Marvel Netflix shows, around episodes 7 or 8 there is always a major twist you never see coming. The same is true with Daredevil Season 3. I never saw this coming and it helped pick up the story and increase my interest.

A small mention of Jessica Jones was all we got to remind us of the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The best parts of past Marvel Netflix shows were the crossover element. Danny Rand showing up to help Luke in Luke Cage season 2 and Foggy Nelson in Jessica Jones season 2 and Luke Cage season 2 was exciting and pulled things together. After The Defenders, there were certain parts where you expected Luke, Danny, or Jessica to show up for at least an explanation. I would have been satisfied with at least Misty Knight, Colleen Wing or Frank Castle showing up to know what all the ruckus was in Hell’s Kitchen but I was left a victim of disappointment.

This disconnection to the rest of the MCU after so much work had been done to connect these shows left things a little empty. Another saving grace, however, was the fight scenes. Although we did not get a classic well laid out fight scene with Daredevil like the hallway fight scene in season one, the fights between Murdock and Cox were well orchestrated. If Daredevil was in a fight with Bullseye this is how it would be played out. Bullseye trying to keep his distance so he can throw anything to become a deadly weapon and Daredevil trying to keep the fight in close hand to hand combat to give him a fighting chance

Overall, Daredevil season 3 is worth the binge. No, Bullseye is not really Bullseye because without the name and the costume it just doesn’t count. No, the connection with the rest of the MCU that is normally there is not present so don’t look for it. What carries this season is the in-depth look into what makes these characters who they are. Murdock, Fisk, Page, Nelson, Dex, and even Nadeem and Sister Maggie all had their chances in the spotlight to see what made them tick. The actors brought these characters to life on the screen and made them more than just comic book cardboard cutouts.

Leave a comment and let us know what you thought of Daredevil season 3.

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When We Last Left Off – The CW Superhero Season Premiers


When last we left off at the end of season 4, the mysterious young lady that’s been stalking Team Flash all season has revealed herself. She is Nora Allen, Barry, Grant Guston, and Iris’s, Candice Patton, daughter from the future. She crashed the Team Flash party and dropped the identity bomb at the end of last season and that’s exactly where we pick up this season.

Nora West-Allen, XS, played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, tells Team Flash that she is stuck in this time period. Team Flash decides to help Nora get back to her own time so she doesn’t disrupt the present which is her past. However, it’s all a lie. Iris notices how Nora avoids her and wants to spend all her time with Barry. Nora does have the power to get back she just wants to spend time with her father Barry. Nora reveals that in her time the Flash disappears while she is a baby and the only way she knows her father is through The Flash Museum. Nora says she wants to learn how to be a hero from the best, her father.

Nora comes with a lot of new mysteries and old fanboy Easter eggs. Mentions of the Legion which leave us wondering is it another Legion or the same as the Supergirl Legion. The Flash ring with was invented by Ryan Choi who is Ray Palmer’s future replacement as the Atom. Apparently, Gorilla Grodd fights Killer Shark. It’s not all just about Nora even though her name is the title of the episode. Caitlin, Danielle Panabaker, is still dealing with issues not being able to turn into Killer Frost. Ralph, Harley Sawyer, goes into detective mode and finds leads to Caitlin’s background to help her out. Cisco, Carlos Valdes is still heartbroken over his break up with Gypsy.

Joe, Jesse L Martin, and Cecile, Danielle Nicolet, are dealing with the recurrence of Cecile’s powers while raising their newborn baby. Wally, Keiynan Lonsdale, is contemplating whether to still hang with Team Flash or continue moving on to find himself. The best part about this season is that we are back to the light tone of the series. Between Barry trying to do anything to keep Iris alive in season 3 and going to jail in season 4 along with Ralph presumed dead, the last two seasons got pretty dark. Flash was supposed to be the show with the lighter atmosphere in the Arrow-verse. Now that we are back to that I foresee a better season. Plus, it will be interesting to see how the Nora storyline plays out

The last scene we are introduced to our seasons big bad: Cicada. He kills the episodes bad guy Gridlock. He does this with a black lightning bolt. Very Flash-like. Cicada is very powerful and dangerous. Can’t wait to see how he fares against Team Flash.

Black Lightning

Season 1 of Black Lightning was outstanding and season 2 does not look to disappoint. When last we left the Pierce family, Jefferson and his daughters were out for a jog after defeating the source of the Green Light drug polluting the streets. The season is called Rise of the Green Light Babies and they waste no time. We are first introduced to a kid being taken down by the police as his powers manifest and he is killed by police. The community is outraged. This creates the background for the episode.

Season 2 begins with Jefferson, Cress Williams, learning that the school board wants to remove him from his position because of season one attacks on the school which he was not there for. The problem is he can’t tell them that he was there but as Black LightningMeanwhile, Lynn, Christine Adams, is going through some rough questioning with the new head of the ASA who thinks she is lying about her involvement in Proctor’s death. Of course, she is but he doesn’t need to know that. She eventually goes to Gambi, James Remar, and ask him to use his connections with the ASA to get her a position to oversee the research of the Greenlight victims in the pods. She gets her wish which does not make the new director happy.

Jennifer, China Anne McClain, starts to have some new manifestations of her powers that she is having a hard time controlling. This basically gets her put on a temporary lockdown until they can understand what’s going on. Anissa, Nefessa Williams, sympathizes with the people of the community when it is revealed that with so many young people in pods they would need powerful lawyers to get the rights to get them back. Plus, any youth on the street who manifest new powers due to Green Light are subject to be possibly murdered by police. Anissa takes it upon herself to go out in another disguise to beat up and steal the money the community needs from the drug dealers.

Kara Fowdy, Jefferson’s old assistant principal who happens to work undercover for the ASA and the possessor of a certain briefcase that Tobias Whale, Marvin “Krondon” Jones III, wants, is confronted by Syonide. They fight and Syonide is killed. Kara then goes to Gambi for help but goes off on her own to confront Tobias anyway. Of course, Tobias harpoons her and I’m not sure why she thought she had a chance on her own in the first place. I mean she barely got by Syonide. But Kara escapes but loses the briefcase to Tobias. On the other side of town, Black Lightning is confronted by Deputy Chief Henderson, Damon Gupton, who reveals he knows that Black Lightning is really hi dear friend Jefferson Pierce. It’s a conversation that doesn’t end well for the friendship.

And the boy who died in the beginning? As his body is getting moved from the morgue to the funeral home the boy comes back to life. He escapes the body bag in front of the police and his family. When his mother rejects him, the boy runs away and escapes. We are treated to some great special guest who are recurring this season. Robert Townsend plays Napier Frank, a member of the school board who is a friend to Jefferson. Veteran actor Bill Duke plays the new Director in charge of this division of the ASA, Agent Odell. We are even treated to an appearance from Angela Rye playing herself commentating on the state of Freeland with the Green Light Babies.

Black Lightning is on the same path as it started in season 1 which is a good thing. It mixes real elements what is relevant in today’s media with the fictional superhero world. Accompanied by a soundtrack of old-school R&B and new hip-hop a tone is set that keeps a world where superpowers are possible in a real-world setting.


You know what I liked about the season premier of Supergirl? It surprised me and touched on a relevant social issue of today and we didn’t see it coming. When we last left off, Supergirl season 3 wrapped up in a nice bow. To set this up, the world of Kara Danvers/Supergirl, Melissa Bennet, is all good. She is pulling double duty as world protector with Superman apparently off Earth and her life as a reporter is a success. She is living the life without too much of a care in the world. J’onn J’onzz, David Harewood, who has denounced a life of violence, is now a part of an alien support group.

When events happen and J’onn informs Kara of the hate crimes, Kara refuses to believe that hate crimes actually exist and that these instances are “happenstance”. You see Kara, although a known alien, is a world savior who looks like and passes for an all-American girl so she doesn’t experience the hatred that the average alien living on Earth would receive. Starting to sound familiar. She then starts to see the light when later in the episode she realizes that there are hate groups made of ordinary people that are out to harm aliens just because they are aliens. Now, this is really sounding familiar, isn’t it? There hasn’t been an episode that hit close to today’s news than last season when James feared the repercussions when the world found out the Guardian is a Black man.

Speaking of James Olsen, Mechad Brooks, he is under indictment for his role as the vigilante Guardian. His girlfriend, Lena Luthor, Katie McGrath, offers to use her influence to help get him off but James insists that he will get through this himself and to trust the system. Of course, being a Luthor she goes behind his back to help him. Lena visits her mother in prison to trick her into information about a crooked business partner to turn over to the DA in return for James case to be dropped. The stipulation is that he can never be Guardian again. Meanwhile, Alex Danvers, Chyler Leigh, has her hands full running the DEO and trying to get along with Wynn’s replacement Querl Dox/Brainy, Jesse Rath. Brainy is not only from the future but from a race where things are logical and he really has no social graces or concept that are relevant to our time. The two personalities clash.

The two villains are Mercy Graves and her brother Otis Graves. They are mercenaries with very high tech and are financed and answer to a man called Agent of Liberty. He is the big bad of the season. Mercy and Otis’s plan to wreak havoc at the alien summit caused a reveal to the world that President Olivia Marsdin, famed Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter, is, in fact, an alien. As they try to escape, Mercy sacrifices her brother in order to escape. Otis reveals that is the plan. Oh, and remember the Supergirl look-a-like that ended up in Russia the end of season 3? Well, the Russians have her digging a hole under the runaway train Supergirl saved earlier. Between that and the Agent of Liberty thing, I’m not sure where they are going this season.

As I said, the best part was the part where Supergirl is confronted with her own privilege and J’onn’s frustration when she denies it. Although it wasn’t bad the problem was Supergirl is the same show just a different season. Hopefully finding out the story behind this other Supergirl or the identity of this Agent of Liberty will add some life to the season.


The big question in Arrow season 7 is who is the new Green Arrow? I think I got the answer but let’s wait until the end of the article. When we last left off in season 6, Oliver got sent to the big house. Season 7 finds Oliver, Stephen Amell, still in prison. Of course, it’s not fun for him because, hey, its prison, it’s not supposed to be fun. Of course, he gets into a lot of fights and he is good at defending himself. Bronze Tiger is back from the CW Suicide Squad that showed up on Arrow about 2 seasons ago but was scratched because of the movie. Oliver is trying to avoid confrontations in order to get released early on good behavior. But that doesn’t work out for him. Felicity, Emily Bett Rickards, is under protective custody taking care of William, Jack Moore. See Diaz, Kirk Acevedo, the big bad from last season is still on the loose so the fear is that he will come after them to get back at Oliver.

Felicity has piercings and dyed hair (worse disguise ever by the way) and is working at a coffee shop and even gets hit on by a customer that she helps with his computer. Of course, she’s faithful to Oliver so this hopeful suiter doesn’t have a shot. Of course, after all these months, Diaz finds them and beats Felicity down before Argos comes in to save her butt. And she wouldn’t have wanted to die anyway with the horrible disguise. She goes to the prison to tell Oliver that she is sending William to a boarding school where he will be safe and she is going to work for Argos because she is tired of running and hiding. Which incidentally is the push that Oliver needs to not just defend himself from fubar (you have to watch the 80’s movie Tango and Cash to get that reference) but to actually start going around kicking serious tail to anyone who threatens him and his family.

Out in the world, Rene/Wild Dog, Rick Gonzales, is running a self-defense school which is not doing so well due to lack of funds. While trying to keep one of his students out of trouble he gets his life saved by a man dressed as Green Arrow. Filing the police report, he talks with his old partner vigilante Dinah Drake, Juliana Harkavy, who is now the police captain who tells him that if they find this impersonator then they will arrest him. Rene reminds her that this guy is doing what they should be doing because since Team Arrow disbanded the city is going to crap with crime running rapid. They go to Diggle, David Ramsey, for help who is now full time with Argos and has Curtis, Echo Kellum, on staff with him. With most of the band back together they have a way to catch crooks and the new Green Arrow. With the trap set, Rene disobeys Dinah’s orders to stay out of it and suits up as Wild Dog to help the new Green Arrow escape. The Green Arrow got away with what he wanted and that was the crook’s money.

The interesting thing that was confusing at first was the island scenes. We come across a man trying to get to the same island that Oliver was trained on and that the big season 5 finale had the big blow up. The young man comes across old and familiar paraphernalia from past shows. He is then trapped. A mysterious man comes from the woods with bow and arrow waiting. The man stops and says he comes in peace and that his father Oliver Queen trained here. The man reveals himself to be Roy Harper and he calls the young man William, the now-grown son of Oliver. Obviously, we are no longer flashing back to the island now we are flashing forward. I thought we were done with this island. You gave it one season off and decided to go back to it. Old shoes don’t fit the same.

Now I am disappointed that it seems the writers have gotten lazy and will not let the character of this island die. They should have destroyed the whole thing in season 5. Good grief. The only thing to look forward to this season is when and how Oliver gets out of prison and will he teach his new prison friend to fight. When will the rest of Team Arrow suit up again without getting arrested and for that matter will Dinah arrest herself. But the big reveal on the new Green Arrow is easy: Roy Harper. Just that since we know he ends up on the island he also escapes the cops for impersonating Green Arrow. Hope I’m wrong because I would hate to think the writers got that lazy. Oh, and we do have the live-action debut of Batwoman to look forward to for the big crossover so there’s that.

Kenny Walker Jr

Iron Fist Season 2 Review – or as we like to call it – The Rise of Colleen Wing

So, let’s start this review off on a positive note: Iron Fist season 2 is way better than Iron Fist season 1. Ok, so I realize that’s not saying much because season 1 really sucked. I don’t even think I made it to the end and if I did I just don’t remember it. To make matters worse, Danny Rand was in Netflix Defenders and the character still annoyed the hell out of everyone. Finn Jones’ Danny Rand/Iron Fist was not making any fast fans and it wasn’t looking good. The character was being portrayed as extremely naïve and unsure of himself.

This was not the confident and wise Danny Rand fanboys were used to reading about. On top of that, the fight scenes were just mediocre which is not what was expected of the Iron Fist. We were starting to lose faith in the mighty Marvel casting machine that had done such an awesome job of casting the right actors for all the MCU and Netflix shows. You were starting to think how could the same machine that cast Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark and Chris Evans as Captain America make a mistake like this. How could that same machine that cast Jon Bernthal as the perfect Punisher and Mike Colter as the perfect Luke Cage miss the mark on casting Iron Fist?

At this point, after watching season 1 and Defenders, you start to think maybe I’ll pass on iron Fist season 2. Then Finn Jones shows up as Danny Rand in Luke Cage season 2. Now we were starting to see what maybe the casting director saw. We got a brief taste of a more confident Danny Rand. This was a Danny Rand who had more of a handle in this world and was able to give his friend Luke sound advice. Ok so now maybe season 2 won’t be that much of a waste. On Friday, September 7, Netflix aired season 2 of Iron Fist.

Season 2 stars returning Marvel Netflix cast members Finn Jones as Iron Fist, Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum, Tom Pelphrey as Ward Meachum, Sacha Dhawan as Davos and Simone Missick as Misty Knight. New cast additions this season are Alice Eve as Mary Walker, Christine Toy Johnson as Mrs. Yang, Giullian Yao Gioiello as BB and Natalie Smith as Bethany. Chronologically, Iron Fist season 2 takes place after Luke Cage season 2. Our main characters are still recovering from the effects of Defenders and Danny Rand is taking to heart Matt Murdock’s request to protect the city. That opportunity comes right away when a gang war ensues in China Town.

Danny feels it is his duty to intervene before innocent people get hurt. Meanwhile, Joy Meachum is back in town and she is out for vengeance against Danny and her bother Ward. Joy’s plan includes Davos, who is Danny’s “brother” and mortal enemy and a mercenary named Mary Walker who in comics is known as Typhoid Mary. We also pick up Ward at meetings for his addictions while having an affair with his counselor. But let’s talk about the true star of Iron Fist season 2: Colleen Wing. Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing was a stand out in season 1. One of the few things that was right about season 1. You had an actress that was perfect for the part and happen to have chemistry with Finn Jones’ Danny Rand no matter how lame he was.

Then the character shows up in Defenders and pulls her weight enough that she should have been pictured with the other four main cast members. Colleen then shows up in Luke Cage helping Misty Knight cope with the loss of her arm and helps her get her mojo back with one of the best bar fights I have ever seen. Before we go any further, I’m going to go on record as saying I love Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing and I am a huge fan. Just as season 1 was about Danny finding himself and his place in his new life, season 2 was about Colleen finding herself. After the events of season 1 and Defenders, we find Colleen volunteering at the local community center. In this community center, she finds an item that was donated that had her family’s crest on it.

While investigating where this artifact came from, Colleen becomes involved with the same gang war that Danny is trying to prevent. Their missions become one and this is no longer just about Danny Rand as the Iron Fist but about Colleen Wing his partner in fight, life, and love. Maybe this is what was needed in season 1. The extra bonus of getting more Colleen also comes with getting more of her friend Misty Knight. I’m sure I wasn’t the only fanboy salivating over a live action team of Daughters of the Dragon. Those who don’t know need to pick up a few old Heroes for Hire books or just google that. Colleen Wing and Misty Knight teaming up throughout season 2 was magic.

The chemistry between the Jessica Henwick and Simone Missick hit the mark perfectly. It was not forced and it made sense. In true Marvel Netflix fashion, the villains were not cut and dry. There’s always a twist in what to expect from villains in these Netflix shows. Joy Meachum and Davos’ partnership take some interesting turns as does Joy’s employment of Mary Walker. Alice Eve’s handling of Mary’s multiple personalities was masterful. You may actually think that two different look-alike actresses are pulling this off. The unpredictable psychotic was the proverbial fly in the ointment. Joy Meachum goes on a road of revenge and redemption.

Davos has one mission in mind that doesn’t quite fit into what Joy intended and it’s all centered around the Iron Fist. We get a lot of flashbacks from Danny and Davos’ childhood so you can understand his motivation for his actions. The cold ruthlessness that Davos displayed through the series made him a villain to be reckoned with. The ultimate threat was real and that’s exactly what this series needed. As much as this was a much better season than the first, not everything was good. First of all, as a Netflix subscriber, you may feel cheated as this was not a 13-episode series. You got only 10 episodes.

You had some plot points that were not totally followed through. Joy Meachum’s total revenge plan was not brought to a close and forgotten about. For a series to be about Danny Rand/Iron Fist he spent a lot of time hurt or getting his ass handed to him. Also, for a series to be about Danny Rand/Iron Fist, Finn Jones still had a weak fighting style on camera totally being showed up my Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing. I did spend the whole season waiting for Luke Cage to appear looking for another team up but was disappointed. Overall, Iron Fist season 2 is worth the watch. There’s some twist and turns that will surprise you and the things that you have to look over to enjoy are quite minor.

Let us know what you think of Iron Fist season 2 and our review. We would love to hear from you.

Kenny Walker Jr

Power Rangers 25th Anniversary

On Tuesday, August 28, Nick aired The Power Rangers 25th Anniversary special.

25 years of Power Rangers. 25 Ranger teams. Let that sink in. The first episode aired August 28, 1993. If you feel old yet don’t worry, you’re in good company.

I remember watching the Power Rangers in the 1990’s with my son and having all the action figures. This time I watched the 25th Anniversary special with my 14-year-old daughter. The concept of Power Rangers really hasn’t changed in 25 years. Where my son was a toddler and played with the action figures when the idea was new, it was something wondrous. Never before watching an episode of any Power Rangers, my daughter thought it was cheesy. Thank God for cheesy. The current Rangers squad is called Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Just as any other Anniversary episode the tradition is to bring in older Rangers. Who better to start this episode with than Tommy Oliver?

Now if you don’t know that character then you simply are not a Power Rangers fan. Tommy Oliver has been about 5 or 6 different Rangers and is probably in the most Power Ranger episodes than any other character. On a side note, Jason David Frank who plays the character is probably the most popular Ranger and is a hit at the comic cons and Ranger cons. I met this man personally one time at a con and when I tell you he is the real deal believe it. This has got to be the most people-oriented nicest celebrity I have ever met. When Tommy was last a Ranger and was the Black Dino Ranger, he was a professor. Now we catch up with Tommy and he apparently is married with a son with wife and son being unseen. Tommy gets captured by an unknown assailant.

Cut to Ninja Steel Rangers being called to base for an emergency. Time Force Ranger Red, Wes, Dino Charge Ranger Blue, Kuda, and RPM Silver, Gemma appear to tell the Ninja Steel Rangers of a danger to all the Power Rangers. Rangers are being kidnapped and need to be found. Wes says that they need to find Tommy to help solve this dilemma. What’s cool about this scene is that Wes reveals that there are different dimensions in which Power Rangers exist. Interesting. This means all those seasons you wondered why there were no crossovers as other seasons it’s probably because there are different dimensions. This would also explain different time periods and different villains. Because, really, there’s no way one planet would constantly get alien invaders every year.

In the first 10 minutes, you have two big major reveals and I am stoked for the rest of the episode. All the Rangers go to find Tommy to find that he is under control of the bad villain, Drayvon, who has captured various Rangers in order to create an evil Ranger clone army. His plan is to breach the dimensions and control all the other Power Ranger universes. It’s revealed that this Tommy is a robot and the real Tommy is with the other captured Rangers being duplicated. Our Tommy escapes and saves the new assortment of Rangers surrounded by Drayvon’s men. They all go to rescue the other captured Rangers. Another big reveal here.

As they rescue the Rangers, Tommy is confronted by his evil robot twin and faces off. The evil twin takes on the form of Black Dino Ranger and Tommy reveals he has a Master Morpher and fights as Red Zeo then White Ranger and then the original Green Ranger. This was classic and well worth it. The rest is pretty basic and predictable. In a good way. All the Rangers team up and we get the signature pose with all the Rangers morphing and the big fire explosion behind them. I’ve been watching these team-ups for years and apparently whenever you have more than 10 Rangers you’re going to have a big fireball explosion when they morph.

When Drayvon is defeated he turns big which would normally mean the Rangers would get there zoids and form a zoid big enough to fight the villain. This was slightly different as Tommy was set to deal the final blow in White Ranger form with his Falconzoid. After congratulating each other with a forever Rangers cheer all Rangers go through portals to their own dimensions with Ninja Steel Red Brody going last stating “Now that was epic”. When I first saw that this show was only a half hour, I was worried how good it could be for a 25th anniversary to only fit it into 30 minutes.

I underestimated the whole thing. Yeah, they probably could have made this an hour and drew it our longer but you really didn’t need to do that. The one main problem I have with this is that it opened some new facets of Power Rangers that I fear will not be explored any further. I want to know more about these different dimensions and this device Wes has to breach them all. I want to learn more about Tommy Oliver’s family life and how he got a Master Morpher. Don’t tease me and walk away. Cheesy. Yes. But that’s what the Power Rangers is and that’s a good thing.

Go go Power Rangers.

Kenny Walker

Hulu’s Runaways: A Review in Pride

I finally got a chance to catch Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu and I was thoroughly impressed. I’m going to start this out by stating that I never read the actual comic that came out in 2003. I was always into comics with capes so I didn’t think it was my speed. I think the first time I ever read a book with The Runaways in it may have been a crossover and even then I didn’t understand the concept. Then, after watching Cloak and Dagger, Freeform shows the first episode of Hulu’s The Runaways. I was hooked. I then went to my barely used Hulu account and watched the rest of season 1.

The cast of Runaways are the kids: Rhenzy Feliz as Alex Wilder, Lyrica Okano as Nico Minoru, Virginia Gardner as Karolina Dean, Gregg Sulkin as Chase Stein, Ariela Barer as Gertrude Yorkes and Allefra Acosta as Molly Hernandez. The parents: Kevin Weisman as Dale Yorkes, Brigid Brannagh as Stacey Yorkes, Angel Parker as Catherine Wilder, Ryan Sands as Geoffrey Wilder, Annie Wersching as Leslie Dean, Kip Pardue as Frank Dean, Ever Carradine as Janet Stein, James Marsters as Victor Stein, Brittany Ishibashi as Tina Minoru and James Yaegashi as Robert Minoru. Notable mentions: Julian McMahon as Jonah and DeVaughn Nixon as Darius.

This gifted well-rounded cast has a few faces you would recognize if you’ve seen a few Disney shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the movie Remember the Titans among other things. There is no big headlining star to attract viewers to this series and that’s a good thing. Each actor plays his part perfectly. That’s what made this series great. It was almost like these actors were made for these parts and brought these characters to life. Runaways start as a story of five families. The parents are seemingly a part of a charity organization called Pride. Through their continual meetings, the kids also came together. The five families inadvertently became one big family. Then there is a tragedy.

Our story picks up two years after that tragedy. The kids are no longer close and have gone their separate ways. They no longer get together when their parents have their meetings. However, Alex Wilder has the idea to get the kids back together to save Nico, who was drastically changed by the tragedy. Reluctantly and by chance, the kids end up together during one of their parent’s secret charity Pride meetings. Unfortunately, the kids find out that the parents are not planning charity but murder. They witness their parents perform a ritual sacrifice of a young girl. This sends the kids on an adventure to find out the truth about their parents and begins their mission of trying to stop their evil activities.

During this 10-episode series, there are many twists and turns. The kids discover certain powers and abilities they didn’t realize they had. The kids also develop unexpected relationships. Many revelations come to light about the parents and why they do what they do. Julian McMahon’s mysterious Jonah character moves the plot along and digs deeper into what exactly the Pride is about. Each parent has their own demons to deal with and we find out how each of them feels about Pride and why they are a part of the organization. This is not a spoiler, but the parents are not very nice people. DeVaughn Nixon’s Darius reminds one of the parents about his shady past through blackmail.

I enjoyed the show so much that I went online to try to read a digital copy of the original comic. I didn’t like it. I’m not saying that the original comic isn’t good. I can’t say that. It’s a very critically acclaimed book. However, I made the mistake of seeing the Hulu show first. There is an amount of realism in the show that is not in the comic. Of course, it’s a comic so this can be expected. The series took a different route to get to the story. In the comic, the kids have a different attitude towards each other as opposed to the series where the animosity towards each other was more grounded.

The comic showed so obvious points from the start whereas the series used episodes to build up relationships that took a few panels in issue one to establish. I only got through to issue of the comic 2 before I had to stop. The series I could easily watch again. So, if you need to binge-watch something before the fall TV season begins, do yourself a favor and run away with the Runaways. Now if you’ve seen this series leave us a comment on your opinion of the show. If you decide to watch after this review, please come back and comment on your opinion about the show. In the meantime, there is not a release date for season 2, but I can’t wait to see where the kids further adventure leads.

Kenny Walker Jr

Why We Remember Steve Ditko

On June 29, 2018 Steve Ditko passed away.

Why is this important news for the nerd community? Because Steve Ditko was one of the greatest comic book artist and creators of our time.

Steve Ditko was the man who visually created Spiderman.

This is very important information because Spiderman is one of the most popular and inspirational superhero characters of our time. Spiderman is the everyman hero. Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. The story behind Spiderman’s creation is an interesting one. Stan Lee had permission from Marvel to create a new teen superhero named Spiderman. Lee took his idea to Jack Kirby to see what the artist could come up with for designs. Kirby’s idea was not quite what Lee was looking for; Kirby had a hero who was big and strong with more heroic features. Lee wanted something different. Lee wanted a teenage boy.

Lee took his idea to Steve Ditko to see what he could come up with. Ditko hit a winner and came up with the hero that looked like a boy but was called a man. Ditko came up with the concept that since this character could stick to walls he wouldn’t have hard boots and he drew web shooters out of his wrist unlike Kirby’s first illustration of a web gun. Ditko also covered Spiderman’s whole face and thought Lee would not like that idea but it worked to help hide the fact that this character was a high school boy and not a man. Ditko’s art also showed Peter Parker as a weak high school kid.

Lee did not want an average heroic looking hero, instead he wanted that unassuming kid who would not be suspected as a hero. Peter Parker was a normal kid with normal kid problems and worries which was unlikely in the superhero world. Peter Parker was more grounded and real life than most heroes that came before him which made the character very identifiable to readers. This was not only pulled off with Stan Lee’s writing of the character but with Steve Ditko art. Ditko’s art showed the trials and tribulations of a normal boy who all the sudden had great power and great responsibility.

In his career, Steve Ditko would help create other characters such as Doctor Strange, Shade the Changing Man, the Teen Titan’s Hawk and Dove, and Captain Atom to name a few. He would go on through his career doing art on books such as The Incredible Hulk, Strange Tales, Tales of Suspense, DC’s Showcase. Through his career, he has done art for Charlatan Comics, Dark Horse Comics and still shifted between Marvel and DC Comics often.

Steve Ditko was known for being a private man. He was once quoted as saying “When I do a job, it’s not my personality that I’m offering the readers but my artwork. It’s not what I’m like that counts; it’s what I did and how well it was done. I produce a product, a comic art story. Steve Ditko is the brand name.”

This article, no, tribute is more about what Steve Ditko did as an artist. We didn’t want to tell a life story on how he grew up or how he died. We didn’t want to tell where he learned his craft. We wanted to tell of what we feel his most important accomplishment was: inspiring minds. Steve Ditko’s art and ideas made you believe one of the greatest heroic lines in comics to date “With great power comes great responsibility”. Steve Ditko’s art introduced you to teenage anguish in a way that was never seen in comics before. Steve Ditko’s art presented to a master of mystic arts and took your imagination to worlds and dimensions you thought not possible. Steve Ditko art spanned decades and generations and gave you other worlds to escape into.

Here’s to Steve Ditko. Thank you, sir.

Kenny Walker Jr

illustration by Jorge O’connell

Luke Cage: Season 2 review

When I read or hear a review of a movie or show, I usually take it with a grain of salt and if I want to see it I will form my own opinion. This review is a week and a half after the show originally aired for a reason. We want you to form your own opinion. I have heard mixed opinions, but I honestly don’t think any of them will be echoed in this review.

Luke Cage season 2 premiere on Netflix Friday, June 22nd. Season 2 brings back the regular cast of Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, Simone Missick as Misty Knight, Theo Rossi as Shades, Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard, Ron Cephas Jones as Bobby Fish, and Jeremiah Craft as D.W. Griffith. There were also some recurring characters from other Marvel Netflix shows such as Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing and Finn Jones as Danny Rand. Significant newcomers to the cast consist of Mustafa Shakir as John “Bushmaster” Mciver, Gabrielle Dennis as Tilda Johnson, Peter Jay Fernandez as Captain Tom Ridenhour, Thomas Q Jones as Comanche, Antonique Smith as Detective Nandi Tyler, Chez Lamar Shepherd as Raymond “Piranha” Jones and Reg E. Cathey as James Lucas, Luke Cage’s father, in what seems to be his last onscreen appearance due to his death in February of this year.

Luke Cage season 2 picks up after the events in last years Defenders. Luke Cage is the man of Harlem. After defeating Diamondback, getting exonerated from prison and helping the Defenders save New York, Luke is enjoying celebrity as the hero of Harlem. Clair is still there as his righthand woman. Misty Knight is a police hero struggling with the loss of her right arm from the events in Defenders. Mariah and Shades are trying to get a big score so they can go legit with the help of Piranha Jones giving them inside trade information. The new big bad Bushmaster comes to New York to claim his birthright and to get revenge on a wrong done by Mariah’s family, The Stokes.

This season of Luke Cage was about personal journeys. The journey of a hero learning what kind of hero he needs to be. The journey of a relationship between a father and son and a mother and daughter. The journey of man on a quest for vengeance. The journey of a crime boss out to prove herself to a dead mother figure. The journey of a father seeking redemption from his son. The journey of a police hero coming to terms that she is whole even when she appears to be half.

Even though this is called Luke Cage and about Luke Cage, some of the standouts of this season were not Luke Cage. Don’t get me wrong, Mike Colter’s Luke Cage is more on point than ever. Colter plays this role as if he was born for it and makes the character come to life. Luke is trying to establish his place in Harlem as it’s hero. He is a man tired of what Harlem has become. Luke is dealing with a gang war along with the reappearance of his father, who wants to reconnect their relationship. We also get a Powerman and Iron Fist team up that is probably the best showing of Finn’s Danny Rand on Netflix to date. All the time I’m watching this, I find myself saying is this something the Luke Cage in the comic would say or do? And I often find myself answering myself with a “damn right, he would”.

However, two other notable standouts were Misty Knight and Mariah Dillard. It’s not a mystery that Misty gets her well awaited bionic arm just like the comic version, but what we see here that is written so well is her journey in getting that arm. It’s not just getting the arm but her life after the arm. We watch her deal with being on the force without an arm and her fight to still stay relevant as an officer of the law. Learning that with or without an arm she is still a force to be reckoned with and proving that not only to herself but to the world. During this journey, fanboys and girls are treated to a few awesome scenes with Misty and Colleen Wing which are a big payoff. Emmy award-winning actress Alfre Woodard literally stole the show and goes down in my book as one of the classic on-screen comic book villains.

Woodard commanded her scenes and played Mariah unpredictably. Mariah had a sense of loyalty until it suited her to no longer abide by that loyalty. Mariah hid her unstable psyche, trying to constantly prove she was better than a ghost, from those around her. Her unusual relationship with Shades threw a lot of people, including myself, off. But as uncomfortable as it was to sometimes watch, there was a valid reason for this relationship that played a part until the last episode of the series. Woodard was masterful in playing a political leader of the community to the hardened head of a crime organization then shifting to a woman trying to make amends to her long-lost daughter and bringing her into all aspects of her life.

Another important development was from a surprise breakout character, D.W. Griffith. D.W started off the series as a comic relief that was all about the propaganda and profit of being on the inside with Luke Cage. His involvement was borderline selfish. Then he changed as the show progressed. D.W. became a conscience for Luke. D.W. became the everyman on the street that was able to agree or disagree with Cage and have a voice in his life. D.W.’s involvement became less comic relief and more like someone we should listen to on a more serious tip.

I’m not going to totally sugar coat season two, it’s not all rave reviews with me. Luke Cage starts off strong and ends even stronger, however, there is a lull in the middle. The series drags a little more than usual in the middle of the 13 episodes which takes the show offbeat. This could be because of the different directors in so many episodes. You had 13 directors with an episode each. The first episode being directed by famed actress Lucy Liu. This could cause some to lose interest but trust me and stay with it because the payoff is well worth the wait. There is also a romance that is uncomfortable to watch at times because it is not fully explored or understood. But, again, this is something that pays off in the end. At times the writing was a bit lackluster, with forced lines to seem current and one-liners past corny. Some storytelling beats did not line up. You had characters leave to never return for reasons that at least should have had them do a walk-on in the last episodes. On the other hand, you had characters vanish with no reason at all. In both cases, you find yourself looking at scenes saying why is this character not back in the fold; it makes no sense.

Even with the slow middle, the soundtrack in Luke Cage cannot be denied. With music from artist like Ghost Face Killer, Jadakiss, Faith Evans, Rakim, KRS One, and Stephen Marley among others, the soundtrack to season two was fire. Just as the soundtrack was put together in season one, the same was done in season two to help move and compliment the story. The brilliance is the way the club Harlem Paradise is used as a vehicle to showcase the artist and music yet move the story.

Overall, this is a must watch show. I highly recommend Luke Cage because it gives me hope for the next Iron Fist showing and newer hopes for more Colleen Wing and Misty Knight team-ups. I am eagerly awaiting Luke Cage season 3 because I need to witness the next evolution of Luke Cage, Misty Knight, and even D.W. Griffith.

Every show is going to have its faults. No one is going to like everything about every show no matter how much it’s hyped up. Despite that fact, Luke Cage season 2 deserves your attention. You tell us what you think of our review in the comments below.

Kenny Walker Jr