If you look around the room in a competitive setting, you might start to think who the strongest component in the room is. Who can you take down if you have to? Well I am sure that same question came up in the minds of the adoptive brother and sister team known as the Umbrella Academy.

Season 2 of the Umbrella Academy premiered on Netflix July 31 this year and it has been taking the internet by storm. I can see why because I loved it. The family dynamic, the mystery, the drama, and the action made up for a wonderful binge weekend for me. The added plus to this season was the soundtrack. The music picks that followed this storyline were like their own characters. Speaking of characters, the use of history was amazing also.

Using Jack Ruby, the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald and Raymond Chestnut, a civil rights leader of the time was brilliant. Centering the climax of the show around the assassination of John F Kennedy because, hey we are in 1963 Dallas, Texas why not, was a different and refreshing take on a very tragic event. I really love the what-if factor in this story in what could have happened if the assassination were never to happen.

Yes, I strongly suggest binging Umbrella Academy season 2.

With the internet pouring with reviews we decided to take another spin on presenting Umbrella Academy to you. We decided to give you a rundown of the weakest to the strongest members of this team. So, sit back and check out how ObsidianNomad power ranks Umbrella Academy from the weakest to the strongest.


Number One – Luther Hargraves

Luther has superhuman strength and has a half-ape which to normal people would make him the biggest threat. Normally. Among his brothers and sisters, superhuman strength and a durable body will not get you extremely far in a battle. His power is the most physical of his brothers and sisters and although it might do great against their enemies it pales in comparison when you have brothers and sisters that really don’t even have to touch you to defeat you.


Number Four – Klaus Hargraves

When Klaus is sober, which during the first season was far few and in between, his power is to connect with the dead. Sounds kind of lame and you would think that would make him the weakest link but not really. Yeah, if he were a homicide detective, he could solve crimes just by communicating with the deceased and finding out what really happened but that is not the extent of his powers. As we have briefly seen at the end of season 1 and briefly in season 2, he can bring the dead back for short periods of time to use their bodies in a fight or even their powers. So, technically, he can summon a small army against his foes. He also can let the dead assume his physical form to experience life.


Number Two – Diego Hargreaves

The only member that carried his superhero dreams. Diego uses his power to redirect objects with his mind and his weapons of choice are throwing knives. Since he can redirect projectiles, then you have to ask, “why not just use a gun and redirect bullets?”. That being said, out of all his brothers and sisters he is the most trained in hand to hand combat and can hold his breath for long periods of time.


Number Three – Allison Hargreaves

By simply saying to an opponent “I heard a rumor”, Allison can make you do anything she wants you to do at the end of that statement. These things happen whether you want them too or not. As long as she can talk, she is on a power level that can even be thought to surpass the remaining brothers and sisters. Her powers kind of breach on a probability level status where even the impossible is done on her command. This makes her extremely dangerous not only in a fight but in real life if you are not on her good side.


Number Six – Ben Hargreaves

Ben died before we got to see the extent of his powers but what we have seen so far is pretty impressive. Ben had the power to release monstrous octopus tentacles from his body. Once released these tentacles can devastate the opponent. The monster or monsters on the other side of those tentacles are thought to be in another dimension, which makes you wonder had Ben got a chance to really explore his powers how powerful would he have been. Would the whole monster eventually come out and be an uncontrollable horror?


Number Five – The Boy

Since Number Five left the school, by accident, as a kid, their father was not able to train him on the complete use of his power. Number Five can teleport and time travel. He was also trained by the corporation to be the best assassin in the organization. His teleportation and time travel ability makes him quite dangerous in a fight because you never know where or when he can attack. Plus, Number 5 is trained in combat from the corporation and is quite ruthless so good luck taking him in a battle.


Number Six – Vanya Hargreaves

Imagine being so powerful that your parent tells you that you are not and puts you on medication and spends your life making you feel inadequate. That is Vanya’s story. The problem is that when she did realize she had powers all hell broke loose. Vanya has the ability to use soundwaves against her opponents to devastating effects. She can also use the soundwaves to levitate objects and herself. In season 2, she used her power to help resuscitate someone back to life. She literally singlehandedly took on all her brothers and sisters and almost won in season 1. Yes, she is, hands down, the strongest member of the group.

Do you agree with our list? Hit us up in our comments and let us know how you would make this list different.

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