In some sci-fi movies and television shows a character is not always human. This week we pay tribute to our non-human stars.

Although a lot of these characters are not the main stars, we can not imagine that movie or tv show without them. Most of these characters are well known so instead of giving you all the common details that you already know or can easily look up, we decided to give you some fun facts.

Robot – Lost in Space

Fun Fact – Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet was so popular that showrunner, Irwin Allen decided to have a robot as a cast member.

Astro Boy – Animation

Fun Fact – Astro Boy’s name in Japanese is Tetsuwan Atomu which literally translates to “Iron Arm Atom”, the closest approximation in English would be “Iron Atom”

T-800 – Terminator franchise

Fun Fact – Originally, the studio wanted the role of the Terminator to be played by former NFL star OJ Simpson, however, it was thought that he had too nice of a reputation and could not be seen as a murderer. LOL

Vision – Avenger’s movie franchise and comic book

Fun Fact – In the comic books, the Vision is made from the body of the original Human Torch who fought in World War II.

Cyborg – Teen Titans, Justice League, and Doom Patrol

Fun Fact – Depending on which DC multiverse you are in Cyborg has different team affiliations. In comics, he started as a member of the Teen Titans and was moved to start as a member of the Justice League with the New 52 line. In the movies, he started as a member of the Justice League. In the HBO Max series Doom Patrol, he is a member with no mention of being part of the Teen Titans or Justice League.

Wall-E – from the movie WALL-E

Fun Fact – WALL-E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth class

Iron Giant – from the movie Iron Giant

Fun Fact – Peter Cullen, Sean Connery, Frank Welker, and James Earl Jones were considered for the voice of The Iron Giant, but it ultimately went to Fast and Furious franchise star Vin Diesel

R2D2 – Star Wars franchise

Fun Fact – Originally, R2D2 was going to speak English and be a dirty little droid but that was scratched for the current dialect. The reactions to his dirty comments from C3P0 were left in the final cut of the original movie.

C3PO – Star Wars franchise

Fun Fact – Anthony Daniels who voiced the character and got into the suit is the only actor to appear in all 9 Star Wars movies.

Bender – Futurama animated TV show

Fun Fact – This character was named after the character John Bender played by Judd Nelson from the movie The Breakfast Club

Rosie – The Jetsons animated TV show

Fun Fact – Rosie is a model XB-500, an older model, but the only one U-Rent A Maid had that Jane Jetson could afford.

Obviously, we couldn’t mention every robot, android, cyborg, or A.I. ever to hit a screen or comic book so in our comments section list your favorite and let us know who we missed.

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