Santa Claus is arguably the first superhero. Just think about it. The basis for his character was originated from a fourth-century Greek bishop and gift-giver of Myra, the 16th-century British figure of Father Christmas, elements of the Germanic deity Wodan and the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas.

He is a fictional character that obviously must have special powers to deliver toys around the world. Also, in every depiction he is said to be joyous or generous and the hero of every story. Just like our modern heroes, Santa Claus also has alternate identities. You can find him being called Father Christmas, Sinterklaas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, or just plain old Santa.

In most popular modern lore, his real name is Kris Kringle and the names above are what the world calls him. If he were to travel among us common folk in disguise, then he would tell you his name is Kris or Mr. Kringle. You are not supposed to guest that this big guy with a large white beard and a hearty laugh is not flying around the sky on December 24th with a bunch of toys.

But just like Clark Kent uses nothing but glasses you are not to guess his secret identity. No tights or capes needed for this age-old hero of myth. At this point, you are reading this and wondering how I determined what exactly are his superpowers. Well, it is quite simple my young nerd: just observe the evidence.

Magic, Mysticism & Omniscient

So, there is no doubt that Santa Claus is a being of magic. It is the easiest way to explain a few things. How does he get his huge body down a chimney? How are the reindeers able to fly? How does he know everyone in the world by their first name? Magic to make his body go down the chimney. Mysticism to make the reindeer fly. Omniscient to know the name and gift of everyone on Earth throughout time and to the present.


This is an obvious one because as I mentioned earlier, he is exceptionally long-lived being around since the 4th century. The man has been the same grey-haired man for centuries which means he does not age a bit. This could also be linked to the mysticism of being a being that more is on a godly level.

Super Strength

I do not think this is a stretch. In every picture, his bag is twice his size and it is filled with toys. That takes muscle. I do not want to measure his strength with other heroes, but I would put his strength on Superman/Thor/Hulk level.


Along with super strength, you must add invulnerability. For one, his skin would have to be able to endure the temperature changes in different parts of the world. The man is also traveling on an open sleigh at high altitudes at night. His body would have to be dense for that type of travel.

Super Vision – Night Vision

Rudolph’s red nose cannot light up the whole night sky on Christmas Eve. Santa also needs to be able to see in the dark when he sneaks into everyone’s house to leave presents.

Quantum Time Powers

With this super speed or something but now that we have this power let us take it for a walk and try it out. Quantum time jump powers would explain how presents are laid under trees around the world within about 12 hours. Yup, I said 12 hours because he has got to get this done before daylight Christmas morning which starts in most places during this time of year at about 5:30 am.

The sky is also getting dark around 5:30 pm. Just as Santa has these superpowers to help him out every Christmas Eve, there is also the one weakness that he has that can kill him. His Kryptonite. The one weakness he has that can negate all the powers we mentioned above and kill Kris Kringle.

That is the power to believe

You see, the less amount of people that believe that Santa Claus exists, the weaker he becomes. If we all believe, Santa Claus remains our strong powerful superhero that brings everyone joy around the world on Christmas Eve.

So, keep believing and Merry Christmas.

Kenny Walker Jr

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