Now, as I put this list together, I realize there will be some debate on who I have listed. Some of you will think that there are characters that should be on this list that did not make it. Some of you will look at the characters who made it and think how did he put that character on there.

OK, so let’s set some guidelines. To make this list you must be a villain. Yes, Galactus eats worlds but he is not a villain, he’s more of a force of nature. Doctor Doom is not on this list because he’s more of an egotistical monarch who wants to rule the world by saving it and looking like the world hero.

We are not here to give a whole history of each villain just one or two things that help them make this list

15. Purple Man – Marvel

If you go by the comic book character and what he does to manipulate people that might be enough to put him on this list. However, his Netflix adaption in Jessica Jones fully shows what they can’t in comics and this guy is the worse.

14. Reverse Flash – DC

Eobard Thawne Reverse Flash/Zoom is the one we are talking about here. In any version through pre-Crisis, post Crisis, New 52, etc., this guy is all about killing just to get to the Flash. He even goes back in time to kill Barry’s mom.

13. Cassandra Nova – Marvel

So, she is Professor X’s sister which means she starts out with problems. Blowing up Genosha and killing all those mutants just to piss off her brother gets her a place on this list

12. Saint of Killers – Vertigo Comics

The name says it all. He kills with no remorse. He’s like an unstoppable juggernaut that just keeps coming. He’s the one guy on this list that will just keep coming for you.

11. Baron Zemo – Marvel

Doesn’t matter what Zemo you’re talking about, they are all murdering low life’s set on ruling the world.

10. Anti Monitor – DC

An all powerful being set on destroying universes. Just to put it in perspective, this guy has a universal body count. Beyond millions.

9. Dr Light – DC

The first villainous Dr Light is so evil that even when DC tried to give another character light power and make her a hero it still doesn’t work. He gets access to the Justice League Satellite headquarters and rapes Sue Dibney, the Elongated Man’s wife. Yup, the one person with no powers and no way of defending herself.

8. Red Skull – Marvel

The ultimate Nazi. Even more Nazi than Hitler himself. This genocidal killer has been killing since World War II and is still in business

7. Superboy Prime – DC

Starts off as a teen hero and helps saves the universe from the Anti-Monitor. Then he watches the main universe from a pocket universe that he was sent to after the fight. He doesn’t like what he sees and he breaks through the pocket universe to set the heroes straight: by beating the crap out of them and killing some of them. Way to argue your point.

6. Black Manta – DC

Black Manta made it to this list for one good reason. Yeah, he’s a very crazy bad murderous guy but to get back at Aquaman he killed his son. Let that sink in. Killed his son.

5. Carnage – Marvel

Carnage is like the Joker on steroids. You give a crazed maniac a piece of alien symbiote and he goes on a killing spree. He belongs on this list.

4. Norman Osborn – Marvel

Norman Osborn is on this list because he is the culprit of one of the most famous killings in the Marvel Universe. He is the man responsible for killing Gwen Stacey. The messed-up thing is that is was retconned the before that happened he had an affair with her that produced kids. So, he kills his baby’s momma to get back at his arch enemy who was in love with her and didn’t know that the villain had an affair with his girlfriend. Got that?

3. Darkseid – DC

With a name like Darkseid how could you not make this list? Darkseid is so evil that he is destined to be killed by his own son. Who he traded to make a peace agreement that he had no intention of keeping.

2. Thanos – Marvel

What do you say about a guy who does it all? Including killing half the universe with just a thought and an Infinity Gauntlet. The love of his life is Death. He will kill as many people as possible to get her attention. That’s his sole motivation

1. Joker – DC

I realize the Joker is not as powerful as most people on this list and you are wondering why he’s number one. Joker is sick and unpredictable which makes him the most dangerous person on this list. He’s so dangerous that no other villains really like working with him. He killed a Robin. Shot and crippled a Batgirl. Humiliated and tortured Jim Gordon then later killed his wife while she was protecting kids. He is crazy. Bat crazy. While forming this list I asked some people for advice on who were the evilest ruthless villains and a few people mentioned Batman for not killing Joker when he had the chances and letting him live to keep killing.

So that’s the list. Leave a comment and tell us what you think. Who should go and who should have been added.

Kenny Walker Jr


  1. Really!?!? Another pro-DC list this time the villains of DC and some of those villains are B list at best. How does Black Manta make the list over Lex Luthor, Ra’s Al Ghul, Brainiac, and Bane? How is the Saint of Killers on this list? He is not a villain, he was an anti-hero who brought justice to GOD. Let’s not get started on Marvel…Purple man…come on man! Where is Magneto, Ultron, Loki, and of course squirrel girl! She is creepy with all of those things running around her.

  2. Come on man! Another DC heavy listing, this time it’s DC villains. Surprise, surprise that the joker would be your top via, bet your favorite hero is Batman? How does Black Manta make your list, but Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Bane, and Ra’s al Ghul not make the list? The Saint of Killers is not a villain, he was an anti-hero to bring justice to God. Purple man…really…purple man is on the list and Magneto, Ultron, Dr. Doom and what about Squirrel Girl. All of those squirrels, that just plain ole nasty villain type stuff.

  3. The only villian you listed that could have possobly made this list was Bane. Magneto and Ras are not because they are not evil in as much as they just want the world their way.
    A lit of these villians were picked because of the actual ruthless acts they did– Black Manta purposely killing Auquamans baby counts as a ruthless act

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