I’m going to be kind to the readers and offer a potential Spoiler Alert.

If you’ve seen Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, then you know the circumstance of the next movie in the Jurassic trilogy will feature dinosaurs roaming around freely in the open world. This means we will have dinosaurs roaming the world with what we know as the most dangerous animals in the world. Jurassic World even blessed us with a glamour shot of a T-Rex facing off with a Lion, the King Of The Jungle.

I wondered, do the current day beasts even have a chance against such weaponized animals?

This leads us to the most important matter at hand… The three fights we want to see between our animals and the dinosaurs of the past. We’re going to compare the fighters and pick our potential winner, skillset by skillset. Unfortunately, there is nothing on earth that can fight a T-Rex or even a Raptor, so whatever runs into those guys will be in a world of trouble. Let’s check out the other potential matchups.

Round 1

          Pachycephalosaurus vs Silverback Gorilla


Weapon: A 10-inch thick skull used to ram into its opponent’s heads and ribs, shattering bones.

Size: Up to 15 feet long

Weight: The Pachy can weigh up to 990lbs

Dynamic: Depending on the space, if this dinosaur gets a running start, it might be able to do real damage to a gorilla even though it’s incredibly strong.


Weapon: Extremely strong, athletic, and has 4 limbs that can land devastating blows.

Size: Up to 6’5” and an 11 ft wingspan, with a 6-foot chest.

Weight: Gorillas can weigh up to 600lbs

Dynamic: This animal shares 99% of DNA with humans, and is super intelligent. This can play a big role in being able to outsmart the Pachy.


Imagine the pachy charging at the gorilla, and the gorilla being agile enough to get out of the way or get up a tree, and the pachy misses him. If the gorilla grabs the pachy and doesn’t let him get away again, the pachy might be in trouble. His 10 inch thick skull will protect him from a real rough beating, but will his body be able to endure it? I think the gorilla will be able to avoid the pachy and make his strikes count more. This round goes to the GORILLA.

Round 2

          Triceratops vs Rhino


Weapon: Three huge, sharp horns and a giant shield built onto the back of its skull.

Size: Up to 10 ft tall and 30 ft long.

Weight: The triceratops can weigh up to 26,000 lbs.

Dynamic: A triceratops can run 20mph at a full sprint, and weighing 26,000 pounds means the impact with its horns can kill potentially any living thing.


Weapon: Two horns on the head of which the longer can grow up to 55 inches.

Size: Up to 6’3” at the shoulders and is about 13 feet long.

Weight: White rhinos can weigh up to 5,000lbs.

Dynamic: A rhino can run up to 35mph and has skin that can be up to 5cm’s thick.


The Rhino is a lethal animal but it’s just too small. (A rhino, small? I know) Compared to the Triceratops, the rhino is a baby. It’s doubled the rhino in length and at a rhinos greatest weight, it is still about 1/5th of the Triceratops total weight. At the start, I thought this would be closer, but it’s going to the Triceratops easily.

Round 3 (Handicap Match)

          Ceratosaurus vs 2 Tigers


Weapon: Think of a ceratosaurus as a T Rex that stands about eye to eye with an average man. That means it has lock jaws and teeth like swords, with a long tail to help stay balanced.

Size: About 6 feet tall and 7 feet long.

Weight: Roughly 1,200lbs, a lot of which is in it’s head.

Dynamic: It’s arms are virtually useless, and it only has one weapon to take on two attackers. If these tigers are smart (and tigers are smart), then we could have our first upset.


Weapon: Tigers are extremely fast, they have four dangerous limbs, and they have a shredding bite all while being the largest of all jungle cats.

Size: Only about 4 foot in height but can be up to 13 feet in length (assuming the tail is included in this measurement.)

Weight: Adult male tigers weigh around 650lbs.

Dynamic: Well, there are two of them. And because of that, they can play a dangerous game with the ceratosaurus that puts this fight in their favor. Tigers also are excellent climbers while their opponent is stuck on the ground.


The Tigers are just too witty, and too fast for the ceratosaurus to come out on top. If we do get to see this fight in the new Jurassic World, I would predict that 1 tiger dies and 1 tiger survives, but the ceratosaurus isn’t going to be able to survive an entire bout against two of them. A tiger attacking his tail causing a major distraction while another is trying for his neck, the ceratosaurus takes the first and only dinosaur loss at UFC Jurassic World.

Kevin Williams

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