It is definitely a good time for the world of Sci-fi and Fantasy. As each year comes to a close, we can’t fight the excitement that the year held for us Sci-fi and Fantasy fanatics. So far, it is safe to conclude that time seems to refine the industry.

Each new Movie and TV release is revolutionary to its predecessors, even setting a higher bar for those to come. However, there are some releases and productions that often fail to meet our expectations. Various trailer advertisements can often heighten our expectations considerably.

Whatever the case, most enthusiasts prefer to learn and research about a new release prior to watching it. Due to numerous other reasons, online reviews saw its inceptions not too long ago. Research confirms that online critics such as IMDb are successful due to their reliability and transparency.

That said, with those above-mentioned values and so much more, ObsidianNomad was founded.

ObsidianNomad is not like many other online Sci-fi and Fantasy review platforms. With every Movie and TV release and production, we hope to reflect both positive and negative aspects of it. Holding fast to relativity and reliability, our news and review platform seeks to engage global audiences.

This, of course, helps us produce valuable and informative content. However, we extend our reviews beyond just movies, films, and television shows. We also delve into the productive criticism of everything to do with the world of sci-fi and fantasy.

On this site, you can be assured to find a review of most of the prevalent shows and movies. Leaving no stone unturned, we also review shows and movies that play on popular streaming sites. From Netflix and Hulu to Amazon, we ensure that we’ve got you covered.

Of course, our broad coverage ensures that we meet a large global audience. This allows us to meet and cater to the needs and wants of our community. We also encourage audience participation and engagement.

Our professional team of Sci-fi and Fantasy enthusiasts and critics ensures the release of invaluable content. We provide value for incomparable value. Please note, that our goal is to not only provide engaging content but to help you choose from the good to the not so good.