This week we will be reviewing Wonder Woman 1984 which premiered on Christmas day 2020 in both theatres and HBOMAX. This much-anticipated film had mixed reviews from fans. Some hated it and some loved it, I thought it was trash. That’s my opinion. But isn’t that what a critique is:Continue Reading

When I am wrong, I have to admit I am wrong. I was so sure about the live-action Mulan being the worst addition to the Disney catalog just like the live-action Lion King. Sometimes when you try to remake a classic you just set yourself up for a miss. LionContinue Reading

You can’t talk about the sci-fi world without talking about space movies. We have taken the time to list ObsidianNomad’s top 10 space movies with the 5 honorable mentions. Honorable mentions: Battle Beyond the Stars – 1980 Apollo 13 – 1995 The Last Starfigher – 1984 The Hitchhiker’s Guide toContinue Reading