Last weekend came the release of one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Spiderman: No Way Home. The reviews were outstanding. The box office sales were phenomenal for the opening weekend making it the sixth highest-grossing film of 2021 as of December 20. This was more than aContinue Reading

Imagine knowing your future? How about knowing when you will die? That is the premise for the new Amazon movie released last Friday, July 2nd. FYI – this movie review contains spoilers. The Tomorrow War tells a story of what would happen if humans were about to become extinct dueContinue Reading

This week we will be reviewing Wonder Woman 1984 which premiered on Christmas day 2020 in both theatres and HBOMAX. This much-anticipated film had mixed reviews from fans. Some hated it and some loved it, I thought it was trash. That’s my opinion. But isn’t that what a critique is:Continue Reading

When I am wrong, I have to admit I am wrong. I was so sure about the live-action Mulan being the worst addition to the Disney catalog just like the live-action Lion King. Sometimes when you try to remake a classic you just set yourself up for a miss. LionContinue Reading

You can’t talk about the sci-fi world without talking about space movies. We have taken the time to list ObsidianNomad’s top 10 space movies with the 5 honorable mentions. Honorable mentions: Battle Beyond the Stars – 1980 Apollo 13 – 1995 The Last Starfigher – 1984 The Hitchhiker’s Guide toContinue Reading