Although we do not have every superhero weapon, here is a shortlist of some of the more well-known weapons in the superhero world that you may recognize.

Lightsaber – energy sword featured in the Star Wars franchise used by both the Jedi Order and the Sith. – first appearance Star Wars 1977

Batman’s Utility Belt – one of the most important tools in Batman’s arsenal this belt holds all his devices for fighting crime. – first appearance Detective Comics #29 (July 1939)

Captain America’s Shield – indestructible shield made of a Vibranium steel alloy that Captain America uses as a defensive and offensive weapon. – first appearance original shield Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941 – circular shield Captain America Comics #2 (April 1941)

Proton Pack – a device that fires a stream of highly focused and radially polarized protons that electrostatically traps the negatively charged energy of a ghost used by the Ghostbusters. Just don’t cross the stream…..bad things happen – first appearance Ghostbusters 1984

Mjolnir – the magical hammer and primary weapon of Thor – first appearance Journey Into Mystery #83 (August 1962)

Stormbreaker – an enchanted ax-hammer used by Beta Ray Bill and Thor that also enhances physical strength – first appearance Thor #339 (January 1984)

Infinity Gauntlet – a powerful glove that is designed to channel the power of the six Infinity Stone – first appearance Silver Surfer Vol 3 #44 (December 1990)

Infinity Gems – referred to as Soul Gems and later Infinity Stones these are the Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space, and Time Gems that hold power separately and together help form the Infinity Gauntlet -the first appearance of all 6 gems Avengers Annual #7 (1977)

Web Shooters – primary weapon invented by Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-Man that emits a web-like adhesive. First appearance Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962)

The Lasso of Truth – the lariat forces its captive to tell the truth and obey the commands of the user – first appearance Sensation Comics #6 (June 1942)

The Glaive – a powerful five-pointed weapon used by the king to protect his kingdom – first appearance Krull 1983

Ebony Blade – magical blade used by The Black Knight which was forged by Merlin from the Starstone meteorite – first appearance Black Knight #1 (May 1955)

Green Lantern Ring – a power ring that is said to be the most powerful weapon in the universe that constructs whatever the user desires. – first appearance All-American Comics #16 (July 1940)

Mother Box – supercomputers that possess vast unknown power and are used by the Gods of New Genesis –first appearance Forever People #1 1971

The Death Star – a moon-sized mobile space station used by the Empire with the power to destroy an entire planet – first appearance Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker (1976 novel)

Cosmic Cube – containment devises for reality-warping energies of unknown composition that comes from the realm of the Beyonders – first appearance Tales of Suspense #79 (July 1966)

Ultimate Nullifier – known as “the universe’s most devastating weapon” it has the power to completely eliminate any target the owner deems necessary – first appearance Fantastic Four #50 (May 1966)

Eye of Amogotto – a powerful mystical amulet of unknown origin that is worn by the Sorcerer Supreme which is currently Dr. Stephen Strange – first appearance Strange Tales #115 (December 1963) –

Soul Sword – a powerful mystical blade used and created by Illyana Rasputina while she was a prisoner in Limbo – first appearance Uncanny X-Men #171 (July 1983)

Comic Staff – a powerful staff weapon that absorbs stellar energy and uses it to create a wide range of abilities – first appearance Zero Hour #1 (September 1994)

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