Strongest Superheroes from 6 Different Super Teams

One of the great things about collecting comics is imagining the heroes in situations where they would be against each other. Who is the most powerful, who is the smartest, which characters can beat the other are the questions we pose to ourselves? In this article, we present the strongest hero of six prominent teams. Just to be clear on the definition that we use here, by strongest we are talking pure strength. Who can bench press the most is the determining factor in this conversation.

Justice Society


The Justice Society of America is the oldest superhero team on this list. These are the heroes of World War II that premiered in All Star Comics #3. Throughout their long career that has kept them relevant to this day, there have been many members. Some of those members provide great strength. The Atom started out at an ordinary guy who later gained super strength and an atomic punch. Rex Tyler took pills to have amazing super strength for one hour of a day.

Second generation Justice Society member Atom Smasher could grow in size and become super strong. With all that power, however, none can compare to the might of Power Girl. Originally coming from Earth 2 she was Kryptonian, however, when the Earths merged during Crisis on Infinite Earths the character was retconned to be a descendant of ancient Atlantis. Now that the Justice Society is back in the main continuity thanks to the events in Doomsday Clock, we are not quite sure what her origin maybe but what we do know is that she is the strongest of them all.

Fantastic Four

The Thing

The Fantastic Four are the first family of superheroes introduced in Fantastic Four #1. The family consists of Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, and The Thing. Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic, is arguably the smartest man in the Marvel universe and can stretch his limbs to the upmost which makes him pretty formidable. Susan Storm Richards, The Invisible Woman, is probably the most powerful with her force fields.

Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, can make his flames reach supernova which would make most think he is the most powerful of the team. But this isn’t about absolute power this is about shear strength. Ben Grimm, The Thing, has proven himself not only to be the strongest on this team but one of the strongest and toughest in the Marvel universe. One of the factors that make him so strong is his heart and never say die attitude.

Teen Titans


The Teen Titans could have easily been calling themselves the Sidekick Squad when they were first introduced as a team in The Brave and The Bold #54 because that’s exactly what they were: sidekicks. Kid Flash, Robin the Boy Wonder, and Aqualad were all proteges for Justice League members Flash, Batman, and Aquaman. Early on they were joined by Wonder Girl who was the protégé of Wonder Woman to form the Teen Titans.

There would be many iterations of this group throughout the years with many different powerful and strong members. But once again we are dealing with brute strength in this article so that is what it comes down too. If you did not know the different versions of Titans through the years you would say Wonder Girl has this locked down but that’s only if you did not know of the team that carried Supergirl. Kara Zor-El, Supergirl, is Superman’s cousin and that tells you all you need to know. Same powers as Superman just in a petite body and that says it all.



There have been many teams of mutants in the Marvel universe with various names, but they all fall under the category of X-Men. Among these various teams of mutants, there have been many strong men and women characters. The Beast was the strong man of the original team and there were other strongmen like Strong Guy, Thunderbird, Sunspot, and Armor.

Rogue possessed the powers of Carol Danvers and Rogue had Ms. Marvel’s power it would be a no brainer to say that she is the strongest. Juggernaut is getting disqualified by me in this category. He has fought with and beside the X-Men and even though he may be stronger than Colossus he is not a mutant. Disqualified. However, since coming on the team since Giant-Sized X-Men #1, Colossus has been that guy. The strong and gentle hero is only getting stronger as he is consistently the X-Men’s strongest man.

Justice League


So, one of the easiest things about making this list is coming up with the last two strong men. Mainly because it’s a no brainer. The strongest member of the Justice League is Superman without a doubt. Since his debut in Action Comics #1, Superman has been the flagship superhero. Now the Justice League consists of almost every major DC hero between all the different teams. Although J’onn J’onz and Wonder Woman came in a close second how could I not give this to Krypton’s last son?

However, being the premier hero of the DC Universe does not mean it was easier for the other heroes of the Justice League. I was always amazed at how the writers had to find a way to neutralize a character as strong as Superman to give the others something to do. Usually, they would use magic or take him by surprise. But make no mistake with the yellow sun rays providing him with the strength to move the world, Clark Kent is humbly the strongest there is around.



With characters on the Avengers roster like Thor, Sentry, and Blue Marvel you would think it would be hard to choose the Hulk. But it wasn’t. Since his debut in The Incredible Hulk #1, Bruce Banner, The Hulk, has fought not to lose control of his alter ego. In recent years, Marvel has swung back and forth about how much control Banner has over the beast.

What makes the Hulk the strongest is the fact that there is no limit to his strength. The madder he gets the stronger he gets. Who can get stronger than that? Did you read World War Hulk where he comes back to Earth after being exiled and proceeded to wipe the floor with almost everyone responsible?

There’s our list. Tell us what you think and do you have a better idea of the strongest of each team.

Kenny Walker Jr

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